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Ability Results

Ability Results:
Ability Failed.
You were disrupted.
Critical Hit!
Invalid Target.
The ability is queued.
You are disabled.
You are dead.
Not enough Action Points.
Not enough Morale.
Ability not yet ready.
You must have a ranged weapon equipped.
Target is dead.
Can't use that on yourself.
Target is not attackable.
Can't use that on a friendly.
You have no realm? WTF.
Your target is not PvP flagged.
Taht target is temporarily immune to PvP.
You aree using the wrong kind of weapon.
You can't use this ability when stealthed.
You can't use that ability when mounted.
You are not Beserk.
You need more Waagh!
Requires Shield.
That is a passive ability.
You must be wielding a hammer.
You must be Guarding your target.
Must target dead ally.
You can not Guard your self.
Requires Great Weapon.
You must be a member of a group.
You have reached your limit on bombs.
You may only have 1 active pet.
Your Oath Runes are already at their maximum amount, or the target already has 2.
Your Master Runes are already at their maximum amount.
You must have a pet alive to use this ability.
Your target is already holding that Rune.
Your Runestaff is fully charged.
You must be using Squig Armor to use this ability.
You must be in combat to use this ability.
You can only apply Runes to players.
Your target may not gain another Mark yet.
Your Marks of Chaos are already at their maximum amount.
You have reached your limit on turrets.
Must be at your target's side or rear.
You can only apply that effect 5 times.
You can not have more Harbingers active at a time.
Left hand must be empty.
Requires Block or Parry.
Requires target to have Blocked.
Target must be facing you.
Target be facing away from you.
Requires at least 1 builder.
Requires 1 Builder.
Requires 2 Builders.
Requires Taunt on target.
Requires Block.
Requires Parry.
Your Runestaff is not empowered.
You have already selected an Oath Friend.
Only usable on group mates.
Not enough Grudge.
Requires Disrupt.
You may only have 1 Oath Of Rebirth active at a time.
Not usable while inside your Squig Armor.
Only usable on a target that is Burning.
You may only have 1 Mark of Remaking active at a time.
Requires any Mutation.
Requires Gift of Savagery.
Requires Gift of Brutality.
Requires Gift of Monstrosity.
Only usable after an enemy Disrupts one of your spells.
Requires 1 Righteous Fury.
Requires 2 Righteous Fury.
Requires 3 Righteous Fury.
Requires 4 Righteous Fury.
Requires 5 Righteous Fury.
Righteous Fury is already full.
Requires Accusations.
Can not be used in combat.
Requires Pistol.
There is nothing here to burn!
This ability only works on a specific creature.
The creature you're summoning is already nearby.
Requires Accusations and a Pistol in your left hand.
Frenzy - Requires Blood Lust.
Can not be used on that target yet.
Target is already affected.
Execution - Requires Accusations.
Invalid Banner ID!
Builds 1 Blood Lust.
Target can not be knocked back again so soon!
Target can not be knocked down again so soon!
Target can not be rooted again so soon!
Target can not be silenced again so soon!
Target can not be disarmed again so soon!
Target can not be stunned again so soon!
Leads to Improved Balance.
Requires Perfect Balance.
Leads to Perfect Balance.
Leads to Normal Balance.
Requires 1 Soul Point.
Requires 2 Soul Points.
Requires 3 Soul Points.
Requires 4 Soul Points.
Requires 5 Soul Points.
Requires more Soul Essence.
You can not bestow vitality upon yourself.
Requires at least 10% health.
Requires at least 15% health.
Target must be Cursed.
Your Action Points are already full!
Grants Prowling.
Target must be below 50% health.
Target must be below 20% health.
Requires Scout Stance.
Requires Assault Stance.
Requires Skirmish Stance.
Requires Scout or Skirmish Stance.
Requires Scout or Assault Stance.
Requires Assault or Skirmish Stance.
Target must be Diseased.
Your target is not Maimed.
Target must be Ailing.
Requires Prowling.
You may not charm that target.
Requires Incognito.
Requires Incognito. Can not be used against objects.
Builds 1 Accusation.
Requires Gift of Savagery or Brutality.
Requires Gift of Monstrosity or Savagery.
Requires Gift of Brutality or Monstrosity.
Builds 5 Accusations.
Target must be Ignited.
Target must be Hexed.
Requires an active Harbinger of Doom.
Not enough Righteous Fury.
Requires Dreadful Aura.
Requires Corrupting Aura.
Requires Discordant Aura.
Target has not Blocked or Parried.
Grants Dreadful Aura.
Grants Corrupting Aura.
Grants Discordant Aura.
Grants Gift of Savagery.
Grants Gift of Brutality.
Grants Gift of Monstrosity.
Requires 155 Righteous Fury.
Requires 180 Righteous Fury.
Requires 80 Righteous Fury.
Requires 120 Righteous Fury.
Requires 35 Righteous Fury.
Requires 70 Righteous Fury.
Requires 115 Righteous Fury.
Requires 60 Righteous Fury.
Builds 25 Combustion.
Builds 20 Combustion.
Builds 25 Righteous Fury.
Builds 40 Righteous Fury.
Builds 45 Righteous Fury.
Builds 50 Righteous Fury.
Builds 55 Righteous Fury.
Builds 75 Righteous Fury.
Builds 60 Righteous Fury.
Builds Righteous Fury.
Builds 80 Righteous Fury.
Builds 95 Righteous Fury.
Soul Essence already full.
Requires 155 Soul Essence.
Requires 60 Soul Essence.
Requires 120 Soul Essence.
Requires 35 Soul Essence.
Requires 180 Soul Essence.
Requires 80 Soul Essence.
Requires 45 Soul Essence.
Requires 70 Soul Essence.
Builds 25 Soul Essence.
Builds 30 Soul Essence.
Builds 40 Soul Essence.
Builds 45 Soul Essence.
Builds 50 Soul Essence.
Builds 60 Soul Essence.
Builds 70 Soul Essence.
Builds 90 soul Essence.
Move while casting for 3rd Failure server message.
Maybe requires this text.
Might need this text as well.
Grants Scout Stance.
Grants Assault Stance.
Grants Skirmish Stance.
Grants Vengul.
Builds High Magic.
Builds 10 Dark Magic.
Builds 20 Dark Magic.
Builds 25 Dark Magic.
Builds 5 Dark Magic per second.
Target is out of range of your pet.
Pet's target is invalid.
Your pet is disabled.
Your pet doesn't have enough Action Points.
Your pet was Interrupted.
Your pet was disrupted.
Your pet critically hits!
Your pet has the wrong item wielded.
Your pet's ability has been countered through another's actions.
Target outside your pets cone of fire.
You pet's target is retreating.
Your account is flagged unable to attack.
Your pet's target is not PvP flagged.
Your pet's target is temporarily immune to PvP.
Your pet can't attack an alliance target.
Taht must be used on an enemy.
That must be used on a pet.
Your pet is using the wrong kind of weapon.

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