Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Swordmaster T3 PvE Video

I just did this video a moment ago of the swordmaster for you guys. Not the most exciting vid but you can still see some actions of the swordmaster, hope you like it anyway!

I must say I really enjoyed the swordmaster mechanics. I like that you first hit an ability to unlock other ability which in turn unlocks the most imba abilities.

So it feels like there is a "natural flow" with the swordmaster, the way that you will have certain combos. It feels natural to press abilities in a certain way since some are needed before you can use others. I didnt know about this until just now.

Important side note to those of you that knows anything about video compression:
I want to do high quality vids for you guys but uncompressed seems just bad since the files become so large. Anyone know what codec is good for compression that will give an "uncompressed" video feeling?

Side note 2:
I dont know what you guys want to see in a video so I just walk around killing mobs. Maybe this is not the most exciting thing to watch. I know you wanna see RvR and trust me, I wanna play RvR but right now it feels kind of dead. If there are certain abilities in classes you want to see pls make a comment in this thread so I know. I can then make a vid with for example "here are Chosen abilities" and then just press those abilites so you can see their animations and stuff.

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