Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Performance: Seige of Altdorf (7/14/08)

The in-game performance during the seige was phenominal. There were of course the odd comments in /chat about bad FPS, but most people were reporting smooth and playable FPS. I wish I'd taken the time to jot down specific system complaints, but I'll give you a "rough" idea of the conversations I saw in chat.

The 8xxx series cards from nvidia and the 3xxx from ati are both more than ample cards for WAR sieges even in single card configurations. I only saw one complaint in chat about bad performance from an 8800gt and even he said, "I guess I'm the only one". Obviously the even newer cards are going to be even better; one person said his single 4870 was running great at 1920x1200. That isn't to say the older 7xxx and 2xxx cards won't run the game; they just don't represent the hardware majority and few commented on their performance. There was also the odd comment of "my pos is running fine" so I'm speculating that the best 6xxx cards and XT 1900s will be capable of participating in a siege with the right settings (just don't hold me to it).

On the server side everything seemed to be running very well. There were disconnects, but the servers stability never seemed in question. I'm sure by the time it's released the city sieges will be extremely well polished and once you (as a player) experience the content you'll understand why having all 6 cities might be a really bad idea.

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