Saturday, August 2, 2008

Warhammer online Beta 3.2 Torrent

Anyway, lookie what the cat dragged in........

    To help alleviate issues that many of you are having in trying to download all 10 Gigabytes of the WAR install through our patch system we've decided to go ahead and make a torrent of the upcoming 3.2 Beta version. By doing this we are allowing the Beta Community to help us to distribute the WAR Beta client to all testers.

    Bittorrent is a tried and true technology that will enable you to download the full game at much greater speeds then are currently available through patching. You will find the link to the Torrent file here:

    We are opening up this option in advance of the upcoming Beta 3.2 patch so that way everyone will have a chance to download the 3.2 client. There are enough changes with this upcoming version that we feel it is best to just give you the entire install. Yes, this means that you will have two full copies of the game on your PC, but once Beta 3.2 is up and running you will be able to uninstall the previous 3.1 version.

    Also once Beta 3.2 has been pushed to the Beta servers you will NOT be able to patch up to it from Beta 3.1 initially. We will open the Patcher to allow you to patch up from Beta 3.1 a few days after Beta 3.2 is up and running if you do not want or cannot get the Bittorrent copy of WAR.

    Remember that it will be much faster if you download Beta 3.2 using Bittorrent.

    Some things to note:

    1) DO NOT RUN OR PATCH this 3.2 Beta version until we have notified you that we've pushed the new data up to the Patchers. If you try to run it you will end up patching BACKWARDS to Beta 3.1. This will cause many issues for you once we launch Beta 3.2 to the Beta servers and effectively destroy your Bittorrent download.

    2) We have it set up as such that once you have uninstalled the previous Beta 3.1 version you can run the setup.exe file to "install" all of your icons again. That way you can simply move the downloaded folder from your Bittorrent directory to anywhere you want, even to another PC, and you can always have your icons set up correctly.

    3) This is NOT something that we are planning to do for launch. This is something just for Closed Beta as we have alternate options that we are getting in place for Open Beta and beyond.

    The downside to this is that we cannot legally give you suggestions on which Bittorrent client to use. Nor can we give you any support (technical or otherwise) on issues that you may have with the installation and use of any Bittorrent client. This could be seen as EA or Mythic Entertainment endorsing a specific client.

    To that end we've set up a thread over in the New Testers Q/A forum that allows the Beta Community to give adivce and technical support on this subject. You can find that thread here:

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