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Warhammer online Character Attributes and abilities

Character Attributes:

Increases your melee damage and makes it harder for enemies to parry or block your attacks.
Increases your chances to disrupt hostile spells and increases all healing you do.
Reduces the damage you take from all sources.
Increases your maximum hitpoints.
Increases your chance to dodge ranged attacks and makes it more difficult for enemies to critically hit you.
Increases your chances to parry melee attacks and allows your melee attacks to bypass a portion of the enemy's armor.
Increases your ranged damage and makes it harder for your enemies to block or dodge your ranged attacks.
Increases your magical damage and makes it harder for enemies to disrupt or block your attacks.

**There is no attribute that increases AP


Base Skills:
Base skills are unlocked when you achieve a specific rank then purchased at your trainer, players can choose to skip a Base skill if they desire but there is no good reason to do so.

Morale abilities are powerful effects that require you to engage in combat for a period of time as you gain Morale. When you use a Morale ability any Morale you've built up is lost. There are four ranks of Morale Abilities. Rank 4 Morale abilities require the maximum Morale possible (100%) but can be devastating to your opponents.
Players unlock their first Morale ability at Rank 8

Tactics are passive abilities that can be combined with other tactics to enhance your natural abilities. As your gain ranks you unlock more slots to use additional Tactics at the same time. In addition you can save different sets of Tactics for use in specific situations.
Players unlock their first Tactic ability at Rank 11

Supplemental skills are unlocked once you reach a certain Mastery level, once unlocked a player has to choose to spend points to purchase these skills. This is a difficult choice because the same points used to purchase Supplemental skills are used to increase Mastery level. These points are referred to as specialization points, and are earned every rank, a player will never have enough Specialization points to completely Master multiple paths while purchasing Supplemental skills. It is a tough choice because every point of Mastery earned improves EVERY action in that mastery line by a small amount this includes the Base Skills you automatically get. One level of Mastery can seem trivial however they add up and 5 or 10 points of Mastery makes a significant difference.

Guild Formation: (With special thanks to Sir Robin}

There are, currently, four requirements for creating a guild in-game.

* A full six member group.
* None of the group members are part of a guild.
* All group members are standing near the Guild Registrar NPC.
* 1 Brass

When you confirm that you want to create the guild, and name it, a confirmation window popup will appear for each team member. All team members must approve for the guild to be created.

Note: Please be aware that just because someone is asking you to help them create a guild does not mean they intend for you to stay in the guild. They may just not have enough guild members in-game, at the time, to do it on their own.

Starting Area Camp Guild Registrar NPC's:

* Linus Wirtz(Empire)
* Kargesh Fellgaze(Chaos)
* Sabrina Kramer(chaos chp3)

/wbc convert 1 - /warbandconvert1 (open) /warbandconvert 0 (private)
/w - /wb for warband chat
/warband move <#> - /warbandmove <#>
/warband swap - /warbandswap
/warband promote - /warbandpromote
/warband demote - /warbanddemote
/warband makeleader - /warbandmakeleader
/warbandban (bans that jerk!)
/warbandunban (lets him back in once he's cooled off)
/warbandpassword (creates password-only joining)
/join (allows entry to PW protected WB)
/warbandpassword (cancels PW)
/disband still works but /leave is fewer letters and does the same thing

This is not a comprehensive list; you can find that by typing /help in the game. I just wanted to let you know!

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