Saturday, August 30, 2008

Warhammer online - It's video time

Warhammer Disciple of Khaine Scenario PVP
A short clip of fighting as a level 10 Disciple of Khaine in the Khaine's Embrace PVP scenario. Played at level 10 with the R10 RR6 gear.

Warhammer online mounts
This one shows dwarf mounts and dark elf mounts and a short footage of the first dwarf mount

Warhammer Keep Siege

Warhammer Online Archmage Starting Area and Seige Weapons
The Archmage Starting Area.


Marshes of Madness
A preview of the Marshes of Madness, a tier 2 Dwarfs/Greenskins zone

NOTE: The draw distance in the beta client is locked very near to the character, so you might notice some heavy clipping in the background.

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