Sunday, August 10, 2008

What class to choose as Order - An analysis of class population.

I have seen a lot of questions recently about what classes are over populated, under represented etc., so I thought I would post a quick break down.

I am going to start with Order side.

Under represented:

1. Tanks of either kind. Ironbreakers and Sword Masters seem to be very scarce. There actually seem to be more Ironbreakers in my experience but its very close.

2. Archmages. This class is an incredible healer but you see very few of them. Its really too bad because they are as good and versatile as the Shaman, which is over represented on the Destruction side.

3. Shadow Warrior. I see very few of these running around. They recieved a buff in 3.3 so maybe that will change.

Medium Population:

1. White Lions. I hesitated to put them here. I see quite a few of them but I still think Order could use a few more.

2. Engineers. I see a number of them around, would like to see more because they are a unique class and really good at Keep/flag defense.

3. Rune Priests. Perhaps the best Pure healers in the game (followed by Zealots). Can almost never have too many of 'em!


Bright Wizards, Warrior Priests and Witch Hunters. I will lump these all together because there are entirely too many of them. They seem to be a dime a dozen.

Everytime I see Order get destroyed in Scenarios its because of the lack of Class Diversity. Destruction does not seem to have this problem. They normally field a good amount of tanks, melee DPS, ranged DPS and healers.

Order is just the opposite, I will log into a Scenario and look around, only to see 6 Bright Wizards, 4 Witch Hunters and 2 Warrior Priests. Order can NOT win that way. To succeed in WAR you need tanks, you NEED more than one healer class, Ranged DPS class or melee class.

If you plan to play Order please pick a needed class. If class trends continue like this into release Order is going to get dominated and its not from being outnumbered. Instead they will get dominated because they have no tanks to hold the front line, no Archmages to help heal and only Bright Wizards providing ranged DPS.

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