Friday, August 1, 2008

WoW vs WAR Art/Graphics

Warcraft's art style has always been consistent and recognizeable. It tends to lay on the cartoonish side, with a wide range of bright colors. All of the character movements, body proportions, as well as the Weapon/armor modeling is over the top. Also, all of the character models are appealing, aka "cute". For example, Orcs in WoW and the Greenskins in WAR share almost no similarities (besides color). WoW Orcs have many human characteristics. The facial features of an Orc definitely resemble that of a human. Although some parts are, once again over the top, like the large Jaw line with the overbite, smaller faces with high cheek bones. Plane and simple, there are no "ugly" characters in WoW.

This art style definitely helps with armor. You can tell when somone has a high level weapon or piece of armor. They were all distinct, and stood out. It was really pleasing to see your character grow, and nothing beats tearing down your opponent with a weapon thats almost twice the size of you, carefully detailed with a multitude of Skulls, revolving magical orbs, and faction colored war paintings.

But where this unrealsitic approach really hurt was in Boss fights. Most of the bosses where either over-grown snakes with arms, or dragons. Although size was impressive, the detailing lacked, and I felt like like I was just fighting a bigger version of a level 10 mob i grinded on while I gained XP.

My main concern about WAR, is how is the realistic art style support a growing character. From the limited screens I have seen, most armor is an assorted shade of Grey or Black metal and chain mail. When my character is maxed to the highest level, and I get some epic weapon, are people going to be able and point out "Hey, that guy has the So-and-so Blade ". (If anyone has a screen shot that shows a character with gear that proves this, please share)

But other than that, this art direction is so refreshing from WoW. An orc, is actually a pot-bellied, hunched over green slob , with small beady eyes. A Dwarf is a hairy, dirty, and rather agry character. Not some tipsy dwarf, with cute catch phrases and gleeful attitude.

Which is it?

WOW Art? OR WAR Art?

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McKee on September 20, 2008 at 6:29 AM said...

Definitely WoW arts for me. I don't have issue with the boss either. The large size is needed so that it doesn't look like 25 ppl ganking one little creature/person. Besides it looks more epic.

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