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Swordmaster Class Review

With the edge of his glistening blade, death is made beautiful. Nothing could be more true for the Swordmaster and all will know the terrible truth when they see this warrior enter into the blade dance. This class spends their time perfecting the fatal cut of the blade and learning to manipulate their movement to avoid the blows of those who would harm them and their comrades, making them a successful protector of their people and a desired member of any group.
The Swordmaster is a tank class that does more than just destroy the enemy. The elves have touched the base deed of killing by adding a graceful and efficient movement and mindset making the Swordmaster a warrior to be feared and commended. Let the Swordmaster lead the way of your battle and glory will be all that he strives for.

  • Heavy armor adds to survivability

  • Ranged attacks add excellent mob pull utility

  • Blade dance lends ease of play

  • Weak when consistently interrupted

  • Reliant on blade dance coordination

  • Low damage output

PvE Overview
The Swordmaster is a tank that has just enough flavor to make them different than many other tanks out there. The typical aspects of this class are the high damage resistance and low damage output. Some of the low damage can be balanced by actively participating in the "blade dance". These coordinated abilities help boost the Swordmaster's output a bit, but make no mistake, this class is meant to be the front lines fellow that takes the beating. As such, you'll find that he works better in groups with extra DPS, but still manages to hold his own when he goes solo.

RvR Overview
This is the guy you want standing in front of you when the Destruction come pouring it. The Swordmaster does quite well in RvR, particularly when coupled with a DPS class or a healer. They can be nearly unstoppable if they are skilled in debuff and the blade dance play style, but they do have their weaknesses. They become vulnerable of losing their place in the blade dance when interrupted or resisted. This can be frustrating if you need the DPS, but patience wins with this class and the key will always be staying power!

Swordmaster Mastery Paths
Path of Khaine: The Path of Khaine focuses on the Swordmaster's signature Elf Greatsword, a massive but exquisite weapon which he can swing with deceptive speed. While no High Elf would ever worship the God of Warfare, a Master of this path acknowledges Khaine as a potent and necessary figure, and the Swordmaster brings swift death to any who stand in his way.

Path of Vaul: The Path of Vaul is primarily focused on defense, and a Master of this path may very well be temped to lay aside his Greatsword in favor of an elegant Elf-crafted shield instead. The Swordmaster who specializes in this path will be the core that the lines of battle form around.

Path of Hoeth: The Path of Hoeth is for Swordmasters who have spent much longer amounts of time in the White Tower, honing their innate magical skills and learning how to smoothly work magical power into their attacks. A Master of this path will learn subtle ways to both expose weaknesses in their foes, and to shield themselves in battle.

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