Tuesday, September 30, 2008

WAR Exploit: All Auras At Once as Chosen

The only way to take full advantage of this exploit is to have the tactic that makes their auras cost 0 action points. Then you must have a G13 or G15 logitech keyboard.

If you have a G13 or G15 logitech keyboard you can bind the key board to hit several keys extremely fast.

Bind a key to memorize and hit all your auras at once.

After doing so when you hit the key it will light up all your auras which will majorly debuff any mobs around you and buff yourself in turn. it will only last 10 seconds before you have to hit it again. It's really amazing when you're pulling mobs into an aoe group to kill because they become extremely debuffed..

Have fun with that one.. I know several of my guildies are atm!

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