Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Warhammer online Exploit: Cheating death

Here we go! This is a Big exploit!
So lets say your running around in a PVE area, far from your rez zone, and BAM! Your dead. Luckily rezing isnt your only option. As many of you may have noticed, when exiting a scenario you are teleported back to your prior location before entering, full health and action (and a pet out if you had one).

So when about to do something risky just enter queue, if you get the message inviting you into the scenario and you dont want to just press remind me in a minute. Once entering the scenario you just have to make a beeline for the closest exit portal and bam, your back with full health.

Please note, in higher pop areas you will get scenario offers much quicker, your PVE zone rez timer is 255 seconds so you should be able to get in when you die.

Cheating death
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