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Witch Elf class Review

The Witch Elf dances with death, wielding her two daggers with an ease borne of ultimate confidence and her faith in Khaine. Don't get to close, as those blades bite with more than just their sharpened edge. This lady carries with her deadly poisons that she applies in battle, weakening the enemy's defenses and boiling his blood. Before he knows she is there, she emerges from the shadows and inflicts multiple debilitating wounds.

The longer she fights, the better she becomes as she builds up a pool of Blood Lust. The more Blood Lust she holds, the more damage her attacks deal out as she focuses her strength in one giant blow. Always on the move, looking for any weakness in the enemy's defenses, the Witch Elf never stands still.

  • Quick and penetrating damage

  • Attacks have potential to ignore armor

  • Stealthed movement and sneak attacks

  • Action Points pool runs out quickly

  • Light armor means battles must end quickly

  • Heavily dependent on potions

PvE Overview
A Witch Elf is an expert in quick and dirty fighting. Her poisons are her strength, and often several different Damage Over Time abilities can stack to more effectively eat away at the enemy's health. One on One battles should be chosen carefully. A Witch Elf will need to be able to kill the target quickly, or risk taking more damage than her Light (almost nothing!) Armor can protect her from. She will always be using her Action Points pool, and as such will want to carry yellow potions to replenish them quickly, along with health restorers for the longer fights.

RvR Overview
The Witch Elf shines in a group attack. With another to hold the attention of their foes, she is free to move behind the forces of Order, utilizing her strongest abilities from behind. Her expertise with poisons and debuffs creates vulnerabilities that her warband can take advantage of. She benefits her comrades further with her ability to severe a magic user's connection to their magic, and with a skill to regenerate the group's Action Points. With no specific taunts and Light Armor besides, the Witch Elf's place is to aid the tank.

Witch Elf Mastery Paths
Path of Carnage: The Path of Carnage is mainly concerned with quickly and directly slaughtering anything that presents itself to the Witch Elf. Eschewing subtlety, a specialist in this path prefers to confront her enemies face-to-face...or at least, face-to-what's-left-of-their-face.

Path of Suffering: The Path of Suffering focuses more on effects that linger for some time, and a master in this path takes pleasure in leading her victims into a false sense of security. While her attacks may not seem dangerous at first, it's only moments later that the Witch Elf's enemy suddenly realizes that their death is imminent and there's nothing they can do to stop it.

Path of Treachery: The Path of Treachery appeals to those Witch Elves who prefer to stalk their prey, attacking when the target is unsuspecting. A master of this path performs best in the thick of large, chaotic combats, where her victims are kept busy and unsuspecting, and she prefers to strike the enemy at their unprotected flanks.

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