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WoW vs. WAR

World of Warcraft and Warhammer: Age of Reckoning, the MvP vs the new comer pretty much. I will just contrast the two games, as I have played WoW for 4 years, and played a good amount of Warhammer Beta, getting 4 toons to 20.


.:WoW-Races:. .:WAR-Races:.
Alliance - Order

Night Elves <--> High Elves
Humans <--> Empire
Dwarves <--> Dwarves

Horde - Destruction

Orcs <--> Orcs
Trolls <--> Goblin
Blood Elves <--> Dark Elves
Tauren Chaos

Race Conclusion
World of Warcraft obviously has more races, some very similar to the few found in Warhammer. WoW has 10 Races, WAR is short by three.


.:WAR Classes:.

.:Classes Conclusion:.
Once again, WoW has more choice than WAR. Though the segregation of roles in WAR is more solid in WoW, making a PvE / RvR(PvP) group easier to organize than it would be in WoW. Where in WoW there are many specs for the classes, though not all of those specs are really in demand, leaving you groupless.

.:WoW:. .:WAR:.
<--Skin Tone-->
Armor Dye

Character Customization Conclusion
WAR has really more choices than WoW to customize and individualize your character. It is very rare, that one would see another player that looks alike. You can dye your armor in WAR with dye's, and you can also equip trophies, that appear on you character (placement varies on race).

If you have ever played WoW you would know that questing was a big hassle, especially if the quests were "kill X and get me # of Y" and Y would never drop. In WAR when you have those type of those quests, Y will always drop! Questing in WAR is a very big improvement from WoW's.

In WAR there are PQ's also known as Public Quest's. PQ's is a good way to get gear, there are certain zones in which these PQ's are active. They reset every 2 minutes after one is done. To get gear in a PQ you must contribute by either, healing / tanking / dps'ing.

PvP, player versus player. RvR, realm versus realm. In WoW PvP is really just a grind fest. Farm honor, farm BG marks, farm TONS of honor and marks. WAR has a different approach to gearing through killing enemy players. RvR is two realms competing in a Scenario(SC).

When you kill an enemy player in WAR you gain exp., renown pts., gold, and sometimes even GEAR when you loot their dead bodies. The more you contributed into killing the enemy the more likely an item will drop for you. Healers can do the same, just how much healing they put out on those around.

WAR has three kinds / types of PvP. Skirmishes, the basic world RvR enabled areas. Battlefields, open world RvR, with strategic points that need to be captured. Battlefields require the usage of artillery and siege weapons, to destroy the enemy factions castle. Lastly there are the Scenarios, Scenarios are instanced, where there are strategic pts and all objectives of the SC's vary.

WAR imo, seems to be the better choice for casual players and players who just want to get straight to the action of killing and gearing themselves. They really cut down all the down time, that players would find when playing WoW. Also WAR supplies a large amount of individualism in the game, the way you can customize your character. The character customizations make up for the lack of races.

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That Guy on October 13, 2008 at 2:15 PM said...

War actually has more races but they have not put them all in the game because there are so many.. Plus WAR goes way back before WoW was even born.

Jhonattan Paolo Andrade Palma on May 20, 2010 at 12:38 PM said...


Jhonattan Paolo Andrade Palma on May 20, 2010 at 12:41 PM said...

nope but seriusly i play wow as well and let me tell you this WAR = PRO wow = noob fest easy items and also on guilds you must say they are more copperative than wow, i mean is kinda hard join on a wow rank 1 guild than a war rank 40 also guilds had more stuff than wow, you can get standard, crafting mats, glyphs like hearts stones, mmmm kinda mages portals, also you can get alliance chat, mmm so many improves YOU ALL PLAY WAR, or my black orc will see IN DA TICKLES!

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