Tuesday, October 7, 2008

WAR Scenario Trick- How to get top healing as any class

As you may have noticed when you complete a scenario you can sort ranking by different categories: DPS, Healing, XP, KB's etc. As some of you have surely noticed some classes will have about 3k healing (T1) and not be a healing class (WE, WH etc). This is because of the bolster. When you participate in an SC under level 8, you are "bolstered" or boosted to the stats of a level 8. This means your health goes up each time you leave the starting area.

There is a boundary around the starting area in an SC, at which point if you cross you get the "bolster" effect. Crossing this line repeatedly will raise you + healing no matter your class. The easiest way to get up there is to enter the SC as soon as it pops, and then flee toward the boundary, you will be reset to the starting position each time you cross the boundary. I saw an IB with over 10k healing and was like wtf? Then I saw him just running back and forth across the boundary line.

Using this I have racked up over 4k healing before the SC even starts (Rank 1 Zealot) and ended up top heals for the entire match. Just a little FYI for anyone who wants boost their healing.

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