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Warhammer online Guide: Tier One Nordenwatch PvP Guide

PvP Scenario - Nordenwatch.

On the server I play, this is probably the most popular tier one scenario. Quite a few noobs make a lot of mistakes here. First off here is the map:

The mistakes that players make the most is that they do not send enough players to the Fortress. Only ONE player is needed to take the closest point to the spawn,(Barracks for Destruction) the rest should push the Fortress. Order will sometimes send half their team to take Barracks(Following the black route) while the other half take Light House and then they do not push the Fortress, but they will go there and pick off Destruction players at range. This works because when the Order players show up at the Barracks, most of the Destruction noobs will run back to hold the Barracks. This leaves the Fortress wide open. The Order will then simply take the Fortress, then they have Light House and Fortress and an easy win if they hold both.

The correct way for Destruction to play is to send one to Barracks and then all push to Fortress. As you run up the little hill just pan your view towards the left, as seen here:

Simply scan for Order players where the red lines point. If there are no Order players then keep pushing Fortress. If you do see some Order players then simply instruct your team to KEEP going to Fortress, and once taken to STAY there and hold it. Now just take four or five players with you to Barracks to defend it. After you defend it go back to the Fortress. This map is won or lost depending on the Fortress. Light House is meaningless, yet some noobs will still try to push it.

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