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Warhammer online: T1 Boss-Lairs Explained

Curious what the deal is with those strange doors lurking in the far corners of the T1 RvR areas?! Do you seek Boss mobs that drop incredibly awesome gear for you and the rest of your friends?

Then gather 'round children and embrace the coming of the guide!

1. Lair Of "The Bandit Queen"

Region: Ekrund
Location: Head North East of the Cannon Battery RvR Capture Point. You will find a path leading up along a mountain-side and into the hills beyond some trees. The lair is a circular door in the cliff-face.

Door Puzzle: You will notice that as you approach the door of this Lair you are shrouded in a dark aura. This aura is the key to unlocking the lair. Have one or more members of your group stand at the door to activate the aura active on the rest of your group. With the aura active, the non-door members of your party should venture out into the local area and find an enemy player to kill. Upon killing the player, if the aura was active, an animation of a spirit leaving the body of the dead player will occur and the door will swing open.

It should be noted that the requirements to keep the aura active are inconsistent. Sometimes it requires only a single player stand near the door - other times it requires 2 or 3. It is theorized that it may be proportional based on the number of people in your group.

Boss: Renatta Betz, "The Bandit Queen" is a spectre looking mob. She is a level 11 Hero. She tends to do almost entirely single-target focus damage and is a simple tank and spank. It is recommended that you bring multiple healers as she does quite a lot of damage even to a tank with shield. This requires a group of at least 4 or 5 solid players around level 10ish.
The fight is mostly an endurance battle and drags on for roughly 5 minutes or so, the priority is to keep the tank alive and steadily DPS her.

Loot: Renatta Betz drops blue quality Helms. She drops 1 helm per kill for a random class in the party. The helms require level 11.

2. Lair of Camilla The Decayed

Region: Norsca RvR area.

Location: From the Nordland RvR area, swim north into Norsca and next to the Cove Capture Point there is a large Island with a door in the northern face of it.

Door Puzzle: In front of the door to this lair stands 6 stones, each stone has the emblem of a given player race in WAR. To solve the puzzle simply have one of each race from your chosen faction stand on their corresponding stone.

It should be noted that this puzzle is easily flustered and if you jump on the wrong stones or move on and off them too much you can cause a cooldown to proc which forces you to wait 30 seconds to a minute for them to become active again.

The easiest way to handle this is to tell everyone in your group to Stay The Hell Off The Stones, and then instruct 1 person from each race to step up on their stone one-by-one.

When the puzzle is complete the door will slide open.

Boss: The boss here is Camilla The Decayed. She is a level 11 Hero mob. She is a "Lich" type mob. Being a Lich Camilla has a small PBAOE spell and will also randomly select ranged characters and cause skeletal hands to shoot up from the ground and grab them. The Skeletal Hands spell seems to be a root as well as deal damage.

Luckily Camilla casts these two abilities infrequently and will spend most of the fight dealing single-target damage to the tank. As with The Bandit Queen she does substantial melee damage and should be tanked by a shield-bearing Tank Archetype class. 2 or more healers is recommended and a party of 5 or more around level 10 is a must.

Much like the Bandit Queen the main objective is to simply keep the Tank alive and steadily DPS her down. The only real challenge with this boss fight is keeping an eye on the rest of your party who will sporatically take damage from the Skeletal Hands and PBAOE.

Loot: Camilla drops Blue quality Weapons for a class present in your group. It is interesting and strange that these weapons tend to be of Minimum level 18-20, but are incredibly nice none-the-less.

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