Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bugged lvl 35 Mobs

From Dragonwake go to Isle of the Dead. Head to the Ritual of Death PQ. There are four locations where two Deathwracked Servants spawn by a column. These mobs will not attack you.. ever. They will die randomly, and respawn randomly (Sometimes less than 5 seconds). They give loot (I farmed at least 10 blues and countless greens) and coin and credit for a dark elf kill (I got two pips now) and exp.

Sure, you can go there and kill them over and over, but to maximize this exploit why not bot it? I have no autoit or programming experience so I made a ghetto bot with my nostromo gamepad. The same could be duplicated exactly on the g15 I imagine. Here is what I rigged up with my lack of programming skill.

Position your character so that one is directly behind the other. Set your mouse so that it is on a point where one mob overlaps the other. Set up the gamepad to click left THEN right at a short interval and loop it. I used .1 seconds. Set and loop a kill sequence, as caster I just tossed a few DoT's and a DD.

What happens. You kill the first, as he drops you right click and loot, it auto loots, when the first has dropped to the ground the second becomes available to be clicked on. It left clicks, kills, then loots and continues to click until the first respawns.

I left this going while at work, sleeping, doing other things etc...

Only problem I ran into was the server going down, and my bags getting full.

WARNING: The Tormented Spirits wander and will kill you if you are in the wrong spot. The key is to be in a spot close enough to loot and kill both mobs, but not too close to be in a path of a spirit. If you set your kill macro to be defensive enough you can take a spirit every once in a while (They respawn slow).. but it causes problems as you may click OFF them and they will kill you while you take down a servant. Also, it can push the PQ along, if it goes into stage 2 you are ****ed. I recommend avoiding the Spirits, and it is not too difficult. I have found 3 spots where I can kill both servants and not agro the spirits. One is in the screenshot I have posted. Be careful one does not wander across the path of your mouse pointer or you will click and pull it. Also, make sure your loot screen does not interfere with you clicker. If you leave this on for an extended period of time your bags WILL get full and the loot screen won't go away.

Exp starts really sucking at 38 (100exp a kill) but this is pretty much free exp until 39, and unlimited coin.

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