Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Warhammer online: Good level 32 Grind Spot for Destruction and order

The point of this spot is all the mobs are at about 50% hp or a little less. I grinded this spot for an hour or so and gives about 90k xp per hour at lvl 32 on a WH having to kill 1 at a time, but I noticed a marauder bot farming the order npcs and I figure he was racking in good xp quickly. They respawn relatively quickly (about a minute in between spawns) but there is so many you never really run out. I got about 500-600xp and I could 1-2 hit them. There is a trick to it for melee classes, if you dont hit them with ranged attack first about 30% of the time they will run to there spawn location and regen all HP.

Anyways this isn't epic or anything because you can quest in Eataine and get right at 90k xp an hour also. but I figured this might be a good bot spot for when you sleep ;-)

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