Sunday, November 23, 2008

What have I been up to this week?

Try Not To AP Dump On Squig Herder.
I having a few problems with the Squig Herder, however these problems are all due to AP.(Actually "lack of" AP) You should expect "normal" AP problems with melee DPS classes like the Witch Elf and the Marauder, however it is a little different with the Squig Herder. The Squig Herder is a "Ranged DPS" class, the same as the Sorceress and the Magus, however I do not have AP problems with either of those classes. Although I have slotted tactics to help with this problem, I will not be able to get them until I am a higher level.

The best way I can think of to help with this problem is to "throttle back" your DPS until you can get to the higher level, to get the tactics that help with AP. It may hurt a little, but I have found it to help out in long drawn PvP confrontations.

Bow Classes Get Stats With Both Weapons
In most cases a bow class does not have the melee weapon's(The weapon that the class uses when not using a bow) stats apply to the player, unless it is currently in use. In Warhammer this is not correct, my Squig Herder has both the stats on his bow AND his spear applied at the SAME time. This is really important as you should look for a spear that adds to wounds and ballistic skill, instead of DPS or melee skills.(Like Strength) This is of course assuming that you are playing your Squig Herder as a ranged class and did not spec in the path of stabbin'.

When dual wielding, we all know that both of the weapon's stats are applied to the player, so this is normal when dual wielding. I do not know if this mechanic is "working as intended", if it is not expect a nerf in the future, until then always remember you get both stat adds.

about the marauder...
Just wanted to give a little info on the Marauder. It still is the lowest class on the list when it comes to viability in PvP. Over the past couple weeks I have really paid attention to my stats compared to other stats of other Marauders in the same PvP scenario, and they are on par with others. I will continue to play with builds until I can find something that works. Right now I am still working on a Monstrosity build, and so far, it is the best choice. If anyone has any questions or advice, just let me know.

Tier Three Use Spec Skills ONLY
When you get to late tier three and through tier four, you really need to stick with your spec'ed tree skills ONLY. I am starting to see the difference in the bonus spec damage versus the other two trees and their damage across all classes. The best advice I can give is to remove ALL skills on your hotbar, except those in your spec'ed tree and those other skill that are necessary. Make sure you keep these skills separate on your hotbar so you know when you are doing your max damage/healing. If you do not separate the skills and use them all together you will gimp yourself out as you will not be using your most powerful skills 100% of the time.

Incoming Guides, Future Articles
In the upcoming weeks I will be working on providing all ten order classes with templates. I have already posted three, these can be found here:

Warrior Priest: (Hardcore combat/auto heal build)

Bright Wizard: (AOE DPS build)

Runepriest: (Hardcore PvP healing build)

After these guides are complete, I will go back to writing other articles. If you have any questions still feel free to ask, as I will still be updating the blog everyday.

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