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Warhammer Online Build - Ironbreaker template

I have to admit I am really upset with this class. I put a lot of time and effort into researching a class before I go and attempt a template, and in this case, it was a waste of time. Not only is the choice so obvious, it is also very much OP compared to the other classes. This is not only due to the fact of the classes abilities and strengths, however the same tree is both extremely viable for PvP AND PvE, a simple slotted tactic change is all that is needed to switch between the two. The three stats:

  • Strength = Increased melee damage

  • Wounds = Increased hit points

  • Toughness = Lowers incoming damage.

The 25 points will be placed as follows: (There will be a few extra points due to RvR rewards, however we will not use them here)

15 in "Vengeance""
Buy all the skills in the "Vengeance" tree for one point each. This is really a "no brainer" here.

The last 4 points will be put in the "Brotherhood" tree. Any additional points should also be placed in "The Guardian", there is no reason to buy the bottom skill in the tree.

80 RvR points to be placed in:

  • Might level 1 = 1 point

  • Might level 2 = 3 points

  • Might level 3 = 6 points

  • Might level 4 = 10 points

  • Might level 5 = 14 points

  • Fortitude level 1 = 1 point

  • Fortitude level 2 = 3 points

  • Assault level 1 = 2 points

  • Assault level 2 = 4 points

  • Assault level 3 = 6 points

  • Opportunist level 1 = 5 points

  • Opportunist level 2 = 10 points

  • Opportunist level 3 = 15 points

Let's face it, this is War in "easy mode". Build up your "Grudge" to max and use the skills in the "Vengeance" tree as you desire. Going from empty to full Grudge in a PvP scenario should take you about 10-15 seconds. The only two skills that you should use, that actually spends Grudge is "Ancestor's Fury",(As a temp buff) and "Away With Ye".(For the knock back) The Destruction version of this class is the Blackguard, I greatly encourage you to look at that classes skills and skills in the class trees. You will not only see a great imbalance, but also that this class needs nerfed pretty bad.

Here are the planned active morale skills:

  • Level 1 = Rock Clutch

  • Level 2 = Raze

  • Level 3 = Gromril Plating

  • Level 4 = Strength in Numbers

Slotted Tactics can be changed "on the fly", as long as you are not in combat. Since there are 5 quick slots available, I would use each one in a different situation. One for PvP fight, one for PvE Group, and one for PvE solo. Here is my choice for a "PvP fight":

  • Sweet Revenge

  • Overprotective

  • Great Axe Mastery

  • Powered Etchings

Build Strength:

Overpowered DPS and abilities for a tank. To switch into PvE mode all you need to do is switch your tactics out.

Build Weakness:

While this build is OP for PvP, and you can switch into PvE mode with the change of tactics, you will not be the best of the PvE builds. While My focus is on PvP, just thought I would give this little warning: You cannot "main tank" in end game PvE with this build.

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