Thursday, January 8, 2009

Warhammer online: A brief set of Engineer Tips

- PvE use Skirmisher and Ancestral inheritance or Stubbornness, most mobs you fight are melee, so you will benefit much more from Skirmisher since Ballistics doesnt add nearly as much to grenadier abiliites as to rifleman.

- PvP once you get to Tier 3 and recieve Concussive mine make sure to use it! its one of our best tactics since all instant abilities that Destro might use now become 1 second channels and can be set back. great for ruining a melee DPS' day.

- Tinkerer is not highly desirable as a Mastery until level 29 when you can get Electromagnet. Even then, dont expect miracles unless you use Vent or macros to communicate well with your bright wizards and healers.

- Leveling in Tier 3 - in your mid-late 20s there is a good spot to level in Saphery, its the PQ to the north and a little west of chapter 13.

-Leveling in Tier 4 - 29-34, just northwest of the flight point to eataine there is a camp where dark elf npc's fight high elf npcs, the high elves will reduce the dark elf health to about 80% and if you take a scenario you dont have to worry about dieing as soon as you spawn in this area since the NPCs are already engaged with each other, leaving you free to take scenarios in the middle of a combat area with impunity. also a great place to level scavenging.

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