Saturday, February 7, 2009

WAR Lagjumping

This is old stuff, but doesn't see it anywhere and it's still working (Less than before but still works)

For this you'll need to play in windowed mode...

Find a place you can't climb by a few inches (rock, house top, etc).
You simply jump forward, and ~0.2sec after click and old the mouse button on the Title of the form, then release. You'll be able to climb on rocks and places you shouldn't be able to with this... but not everywhere. It'll give you a little boost

I've been able to climb on housetop, rocks in scenario where everyone else couldn't climb (except thoses who played DAOC lol). Mythic apparently worked on this bug but it still work a little (you can't jump 20feet now or lagpull in rvr).

Have Fun!

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