Sunday, April 19, 2009

DrifterSpeed speedhack for Warhammer online

this speedhack works for Warhammer v1.2.1, I was playing around with some speed/running things today and figured I would package it for regular-people-usage. Enjoy.

Open Warhammer, log in and get in-game. Open DrifterSpeed and click Config. According to your preferences you can set hotkeys for increasing and decreasing the speed while in-game. You can also set the rate at which those hotkeys change the value. Or... you can simply disable the hotkeys.

Further Development:
As it stands you will need to configure your settings each time you open DrifterSpeed. I was going to have it save config to a file but until I'm 100% satisfied with the options available in it I'm not going to bother.


Older Versions
v01 -
v02 -

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