Saturday, May 2, 2009

Warhammer online Radar

WARadar is an addon that uses WarExtDLL to show objects on your map/minimap which are not shown in the original client. In the current state it shows other players, mobs, NPCs and some world objects.


WARadar in action, showing all objects in range

Addon configuration menu (v0.3+)

WarExtDLL has to be injected for the addon to work.
Furthermore the addon currently needs the following addons:
  • /wr on - enables the addon
  • /wr off - disables the addon
  • /wr delay [1..3600] - changes delay between updates (in seconds)
  • /wr range [0..65535] - changes radar range to given value (0 = infinite)
  • /wr type [all|player|npc] - specifies type of mobs to pin on map
  • /wr silence [on|off] - en/disables info chat output
or right-click on your minimap for the configuration menu (v0.3+)

Download (Latest version is 0.4)

Primary download: click me softly

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