Wednesday, October 14, 2009

LOTD Guide

This may have been mentioned already, but I didn't see it in the posts.

Warhammer have a huge Problem with Mob-Paths at all, so there are tons of Spots for ranged Players to grind/lvl/farm without taking any dmg from Mobs.

This one is extremely farmed on my Server, there are players from r20 up to 3x 24/7. Just do the same and your fine.

Another nice one Spot is near the Pq "Hall of the Heavens", found it by myself. All you have to do is AOE this two fighting Mobs and both will die(1DMG is enough), dont hit just one of them or the second one will disappear(die instantly) and you will have to fight a regular way.

You can even kill Champs in Quay of Seftu PQ by jumping on the Wall.

Im pretty sure there are much more Spots like this so feel free to post your finds guys

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