Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Warhammer Online Developing New Race: The Skaven [Warhammer Online]

Mythic Entertainment has released details on a new playable race currently in development for Warhammer Online. The Skaven are a race and rat-human hybrids who look as vicious as the name sounds.

Skavens will come in four classes, the Warlock Engineer, Gutter Runner, Rat Ogre, and Packmaster. The Engineer is a support unit best suited to a stationary battle area. The Runner is an espionage unit who will remain in the shadows. The Ogre's purpose is to creat as much chaos and confusion for the enemy as possible, and the Packmaster will act as support for the Ogre.

Vicious, nasty, and not at all what an enemy wants to see coming their way. Are you looking forward to The Skaven?

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