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Grab Bag No. 23 - Daemon Moon Rising

Welcome to the Daemon Moon Rising special issue of the Grab Bag, where we're answering all your questions about the Daemon Moon Rising Live Event! This Live Event begins today, so before you dive in, prepare by reading up on some of the details that your fellow players had questions about!
Q. How is this year’s Daemon Moon Rising Live Event different from last year’s The Witching Night Live Event?

A. Everything! In fact, the only thing the same from last year are the masks. This year there’s a new, unique RvR Public Quest, a event Scenario, a special daemon encounter, and unique quests, to name just a few.

Q. Is there a special reward for completing all ten Daemon Moon Rising tasks?

A. Yes, there is a special title for completing all 10 tasks, but you can earn the Elite reward after completing only eight tasks.

Q. Are the masks from the new Live Event all Event Slot items with stats, or are some of them cosmetic and only a few of them stat-based?

A. The masks can be equipped in your helmet slot (not the event slot). Each mask has a unique ability that you can use against your enemies.

Q. Can anyone, no matter what Rank they are, participate in the Daemon Moon Rising Live Event?

A. Absolutely! There are tasks for every Rank, including those in the open RvR areas.

Q. Is the Magnus Daemonarium mask going to be the same graphic as last year’s Mask of the Bloodletter?

A. The Magnus Daemonarium is actually not a mask. It's the event slot item reward that you can earn for completing eight event tasks.

Q. What do the Magnus Daemonarium and Malleus Daemonarium do?

A. The Magnus Daemonarium and Malleus Daemonarium provide career-specific statistics into the event slot on the character sheet, and decays in real-time.

Q. Where does the Daemonball Rally Public Quest take place?

A. The Daemonball Rally Public Quest takes place in each of the Empire and Chaos RvR areas.

Q. What is the length of the Daemonball PQ? How often will the PQ reset after it is finished?

A. The length of time that the Daemonball PQ lasts depends on the players. Similar to football, the Public Quest requires you to deliver a demon skull to your Realm's goal.  Scoring five points wins the Public Quest for your Realm. Watch your goal, however as the enemy can destroy delivered skulls to remove points you’ve earned!

Q. How many gold bags will be awarded/how easy will it be to win a gold bag and get that awesome Leather Face Mask?

A. You will be able to obtain the Leather Face Mask by completing the Daemonball Rally open RvR Public Quest. Three gold bags are awarded to the victors of the Daemonball Rally Public Quest, and the Leather Face Mask has a 100% chance to be in the gold bags.

As stated earlier, this takes place in each of the Empire vs. Chaos RvR areas, so anyone can participate!

Q. How do I obtain the Face-Eater’s Mask?

A. Obtaining the Face-Eater’s Mask is achieved by defeating Goreslake the Bloodthirster. It is a strictly PvE encounter located somewhere within the Chaos Wastes. There are two versions of this PQ, one for Order and another for Destruction. For each successful win, three gold bags that contain either the Face-Eater's Mask or the Magnus Daemonarium will drop.

Q. Will the masks from last year's event become tradeable? Some of them, such as the Silver and Bloodletter mask, were not. (One was an influence reward, the other was PQ loot.)

A. As a general rule of thumb, if a mask was not tradeable last year, it won’t be tradeable this year.

Q. Will the masks, even the ones from last year, feature stats or something to make them useful to wear instead of armor (particularly armor sets)?

A. Each mask is imbued with a unique ability that can be used in battle.  The ability will only be useable during the Daemon Moon Rising Live Event.

Q. Will there ever be a Skaven-themed mask?

A.  Never say never, but not this year.

Did you know that existing unguilded characters under Rank 20 can join the two New Player Guilds? You can! Simply visit the recruiter NPC for The Forces of Order or The Forces of Destruction in your Realm’s capital city (near the Flight Master) or at the Tier 1 Empire vs. Chaos warcamps.
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Special thanks to Mark Davis, Mike Wyatt, Ahmad Zabarah, and the Live Events Team for their help with this issue of the Grab Bag!

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