Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Warhammer Online: Character Customization

Mythic has stated the following: “We allow you to customize your ironbreakerness,” said Paul Barnett. He made it very clear though that while you can be an ironbreaker who likes pistols, you cannot be an ironbreaker who is secretly specialized as something else entirely such as magic. “Beard, stick, pointy hat. Wizard!” Barnett yelled from time to time during the recent press conference held at mythic entertainment.

As a player also advances and levels up, their model will grow and change. Dwarf beards grow in length, Orcs become larger and more brutal looking, and the vile servants of Chaos will become "more vile."

What he was attempting to emphasize is that Mythic fully believes in silhouetting, which is to say that if you walk up to a guy in a full plate mail, he will be what you expect him to be and won’t start casting fireballs at you. This also combines well in PvP. As your character kills more dwarf’s for instance he might end up having a dwarf beard draped off his belt. This let’s Mythic remove the con system that they used in Daoc and use a purely visible con system. If that Orc is eight feet tall and has twenty dwarf beards hanging off his belt and armour, he's going to be a very very tough opponent.

As more Career lines become available a section dedicated to what you can make will be put up here for your reference.

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