Friday, May 9, 2008

Patch notes for european beta

For anyone who cares to read patch notes here take some :

Setbacks now have diminishing returns on them; after the fifth setback during the same cast, further attacks will not be able to setback that cast any longer.
Individual ticks of DoTs will no longer setback an ability (the first tick, or 'landing', of a DoT will cause a setback chance). Channeled abilities should generally cause a setback chance each tick of damage.
Melee range has been increased to 5 feet. This removes the dead zone between when a melee attack can be used vs when a ranged attack can be used.
The four healer careers, Warrior Priest, Zealot, Disciple and Archmage, have seen significant changes for this round of Beta. An overview of what these entail can be found on the forums.

Renown Abilities
The Bane series of tactics now requires a single tactic slot.
Opportunist, Sure Shot, Focused Power and Natural fighter rewards will no longer display a buff icon after they have been purchased.

Bright Wizard
Explosive Shielding Tactic – Flame shield will now activate against all attack types instead of just melee.
Flame Shield will now base its damage on the caster's rank and mastery, but will be credited to the effect holder.
Flames of Rhuin will now base its damage on the caster's rank and mastery, but will be credited to the effect holder.
Choking Smoke has been rebalanced.
Burning Iron has had its cast time increased and cool down increased.

Fixed many tooltip errors on Chosen abilities.
Trembling Weakness will now properly upgrade its effect as the Chosen increases in rank.
Warping Embrace will no longer be affected by stats or critical hits.
Gushing Wound (Tactic) now does: Seeping Wound gains a 25% chance to snare targets by 40% for 3s.

Fixed tool tip description on Corrupted Edge. It now correctly states that it increase Strength instead of Weapon Skill.
Fixed tool tip description on Hulking Brute; this tactic actually modifies Toughness, not Weapon Skill and Initiative.
Feeding on Fear now displays a tactic Buff icon after it procs. In addition, crits made during the buff will no longer reset the timer back to 5 seconds.

Shadow Warrior
Spiral Fletched Arrow will now deal the same damage from any distance.
Removed the stance requirement text from the main body of the ability descriptions.
Opportunistic Strike damage and cooldown have been increased.
The cost of Throat Shot has been reduced, but the cooldown has increased.
Glass Arrow and Acid Arrow have been redesigned.
General damage and AP cost adjustments have been made on many of the Shadow Warrior abilities.

If the initial target of Shadow Knives breaks Line of Sight to the caster or goes out of range, Shadow Knives will be interrupted.
Shadow Knives now pulses its damage slower, but does more damage per tick to make the total damage done by the ability stay the same.
Stricken Limbs has been rebalanced.
Stricken Voices has had its reuse time increased.
Hand of Ruin has a shorter maximum duration and will always be setback by attacks.
Word of Pain can only be stacked a maximum of 3 times, and the damage per counter has been increased.

Redirecting force now requires a block before being used. This ability has been changed to an opener.
Gryphon's Lash has been moved from mastery to core at rank 8.
Sapping Strike has been moved from core to mastery at 5 points in Path Of Khaine.
Crashing Wave has been moved to level 18
Dazzling Strike has been moved to level 35
Wall of Darting Steel has been moved to level 40
Graceful Precision applies its effect to Gryphon’s Lash instead of Graceful Strike.
Graceful Precision has been renamed Gryphon’s Precision.

Witch Elf
Treacherous Assault no longer provides a damage buff.
Shadow Prowler now has a brief build time, and will be interrupted by any hit.
Shadow Prowler's effectiveness has been slightly reduced.
Shadow Prowler now costs slightly more APs per second , has an increased cooldown and the maximum duration of Stealth has been lowered to 30s.
Kiss of Death will no longer stack multiple copies from the same caster on the target.
The damage from Kiss of Death will now be distributed in a shorter amount of time (the damage is unchanged).
Kiss of Betrayal has had its toughness debuff reduced slightly, but duration extended.
Envenomed Blade will now only raise the chance to proc a poison to a maximum of 50%, instead of a flat 50% add on whatever else is already there.
Enthrall has been removed.
A new ability, Feinted Positioning, has been added to the Witch Elf in place of Enthrall.
Agonizing Wound has had its cost changed to 45 AP, its damage increased and it will now ignore armor from the rear position.
Throat Slitter has had its positional requirement removed, and will now only deal damage from the rear position.
Ruthless Assault now costs 25 AP/second. Its damage will now increase based upon the number of combo points.
Elixir of the Cauldron’s increased critical chance will now only work from behind the target.
Heart Seeker’s damage has been increased and now requires rear position.
Sacrificial Stab’s damage has been increased and now requires rear position.

Witch Hunter
Fervor is now part of the Path of Cleansing, and deals less damage over more time.
Sudden Accusation no longer provides an AP regeneration buff.
Incognito now has a brief build time, and will be interrupted by any hit.
Slightly reduced Incognito's effectiveness has been reduced slightly.
Incognito now costs slightly more AP/s, has an increased cooldown and the maximum duration of Stealth has been lowered to 30s.
A bug has been fixed in which Burn Away Lies was incorrectly labeled as a ranged attack.
The ability Powder Shot has been removed and replaced by a new ability: Feinted Positioning.
Torment has had its positional requirement removed, its damage increased and will now ignore armor from the rear.
Pistol Whip has had its damage increased, and now has a rear-positional requirement.
Silence the Heretic has been changed. It now requires a rear-positional rather than a front positional.
Burn Away Lies now deals increased damage and has a rear positional requirement.

Gamewide Content Changes
In response to analysis of our most recent phase of Beta, we have adjusted the level of difficulty for our standard PQs to be easier to complete. Now, two of the three public quests in each chapter have been revised to require only six to nine players to complete. The third public quest in each chapter is harder and requires two or three groups (at least twelve players) to complete.
We have adjusted the item and influence rewards of harder PQs to be greater than the rewards for standard difficulty PQs. We will continue to adjust loot, influence, and experience as needed in the future, and we are also planning on adding a UI element in a future Beta version to identify PQs that are hard difficulty. For this particular release, the following PQs are Hard: Chaos Ruins, Lake of the Damned, Bitterschaum Swamp, Unterbaum Cemetary, Mud Flats, Serpent's Fang, Bitterspring, Village Vermin, Tempest Horn, and Tower of the Elves. All other PQs you will encounter should be the easier Standard level of difficulty.
The overall requirements for basic, advanced, and elite influence rewards have been reduced for each chapter of the game. This reduction was not applied to the starting chapters as the numbers there are already in alignment with this newest change. We expect this reduction to provide greater opportunities for you to access each chapter’s influence rewards.
Tier Three Empire and Chaos Content: The zones of High Pass and Talabecland are ready for questing and exploration when a break is needed from the intense action of RvR battle.
Tier Four Empire and Chaos Content: The RvR Campaign rages all the way from the heart of the Empire in Reikland, through the war ravaged city of Praag, to the forbidding Chaos Wastes, and these zones will be opened in order to allow you to fight the RvR campaign there. When venturing into these zones, please keep in mind that the non-RvR quests and content there has only been roughed in, and is not fully ready for play. There’s a war raging in the RvR areas, and your realm needs you there!
We have resolved an issue where monsters would continue to bring friends, even when group members were not within visual range (yes, even lowly snotlings have friends). Monsters should now only BAF when group members are nearby.
To better support the war, Warcamp trainers and Renown merchants have relocated their shops to the RvR Keeps. You will find 3 merchants and one trainer on the third floor of each keep when it is captured. Please make them feel welcomed, especially if you are of an opposing realm.
In response to community feedback, Special con enemies have been renamed to the more IP appropriate Champions. This category name change does not affect their abilities or anything else about these dangerous foes.

Renown Items
Renown items have had their Renown requirements lowered by three levels. For example, if a Renown item has a level requirement of level 15, its Renown-rank requirement is now level 12.
Renown stores have been moved to the keeps (they’re on the third floor). Your realm must control the keep in order for you to have access to the Renown merchants.


The Keep Lord Guards will now defend the Keep Lord when he or she is attacked.
Broadcasts will be sent to the RvR area by the victor when a Keep changes hands.
Renown Merchants and Trainers have taken up residence in keeps. These NPCs can be attacked and slain.
Keep Lords and Keep Guards now have appropriate abilities and tethers.
Keep and Gatehouse Doors have had their hitpoints increased based on Tier.
Players now properly receive Renown when taking over a Keep

AND HERE some clarifications about the cancelled i beta phase

Altdorf RvR (Contested Altdorf)
When the City goes into a contested state, it will become an instance. Players inside the City when this occurs will be given a message asking them to either stay and fight, or go to safe ground.

Players choosing to stay and fight will be placed in the Warquarters of Altdorf. Players choosing to go to safety will be placed at a blackmarket in Reikwald (the Fortress Zone).
Any players not in the City will gain entry into the contested version of Altdorf by going through the main gate or alternate gates.

Once inside the City, players will be in a safe spawn location behind three gates. Simply right click the gate to be teleported to the other side, and begin your assault or defense of the City’s Warquarters.

Control over the City is determined by battling over seven objectives in the WarQuarters of Altdorf. Gaining control over these objectives will work via population disparity mechanics. The more players you have in the area of a capture location, the faster you will capture it (similar to the Nordenwatch Scenario).

Each Capture location will contribute points over time to a “Meta Pool” of points which is tallied across all instances of the City. Population ratios have been put in place to ensure that instances with possibly imbalanced numbers will contribute differently than instances with even numbers.

Please note that simply getting control over the seven objectives in your instance will not result in winning. Players must maintain control and continue feeding the “Meta Pool” until the predetermined amount of points which result in winning control over the City is met.

The Zone Control Bar will display how well your Realm is doing as a race toward the center of the Control Bar.

If the forces of Order defend the City, the City will remain in its contested state for two hours before resetting back to the standard Altdorf. Once this occurs, the Campaign will reset. Players wanting to leave the contested city may simply click on the portal gate within their safe spawn location.

If the forces of Destruction take the City, a message will indicate such and the City will then be open for pillaging!

Items of Interest
What can I do in a city that is under attack?
Players will battle against each other in the War Quarters, one side trying to gain access to the city while the other side attempts to defend. Should the invader win, the city gates will fall and the pillaging begins.
Players may destroy objects, burn objects, smash open interior doors and kill citizens!
Players may participate in “invader quests” that will present rewards to the player along with increasing their capital city rating value
The enemy may participate in any available content that is in the city. For further clarification, if a certain dungeon is only available during city rating 4 and the enemy so happens to invade the city when it is at a city rating of 4, the dungeon is open to the enemy to explore!
Players may attack and capture the enemy’s King!
By gaining ownership of a city, the enemy will have forced players to use outside resources to perform their banking, auctioneering and other utilities, but at a higher price

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