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Everything you want to know about mele combat

This is taken straight from close beta forums at mmOverload

Ok compared to the previous phase I think melee combat feels much better with the tweaking of the melee range. Of course when server lag settles on normal servers these things will probably won't exist.

On the other hand something came to my attention. If you try this combat that is called circle strafing combat you will see that while your opponent is at your lefr/right shoulder at about 90 degrees from a theoretical straight line extending in front of your head you cannot hit him anymore. You will need to actually turn a bit towards him to fall in a 90% or 120% degree melee hitting field. At least this is how it cannot hit someone that he is within all of your 180 degrees view range from left to right shoulder. Why is that? Is it intentional? Certainly it does not promote realism....yes to hit with melee someone that is behind you is something meh...but atm I cannot hit someone that is standing at my shoulder getting a message like "out of cone blabla". That should be corrected imo. I don't know if it is created due to lag and the fact the person is not anymore at the position I am looking at him or if it is intended. All I am saying is that it needs to be looked at.

Unfortunatelly I get the same feeling about what hits you can parry. If the hits are comming towards you from this 120 degree you can...if they are comming from the rest 240 degrees you cannot. Imo it should be 180 degrees and 180 degrees and maybe 360 degrees for some classes. If it is already 180 degrees it does not feel like it.

Any comments and thoughts on this would be appreciated

I definitely think the vision cone should be widened, it certainly feels too narrow at this stage. Numerous times due to either lag or just sheer movement of combatants I get 'outside vision' errors, when frankly I should still be able to hit the mob.

I think Mythic need to be very careful not to make Melee combat too irritating. By this I mean not being constantly spammed with various messages while trying to fight in melee range. Either due to microscopic out of range errors or vision cone errors. No, you shouldn't be able to hit people behind you, but a 180 degree cone certainly feels more appropriate.

I agree, the out of cone message is absolutely irritating, not the message itself but the fact that the area of attack is too narrow and too easy for an opponent to just take a step and be out of the narrow cone. Its frustrating to say the least.

I have a thought, how about you stop trying to circle strafe while attacking and just fight properly. The first mmo to prevent this stupid feature will have my money forever.

I'd like to see circle strafing/run-through force the player to fall over and loose 10% health for doing so. Would be a nice fix to an annoying trick on the mechanic.

+5 second stun. Oh yes. What other ridiculously annoying aspects could we add to this for revenge

Nate strafing and run through someone is completely different. With collision detection I don't think run through can be applies....on the other hand circle strafing is actually somewhat of the circular combat moves the combatants use in RL combat as I don't see why not circle strafing. And I did say melee combat it should have nothing to do with SW skirmish at all.

Well, not really. Because by that point in time, 3 of his mates will be aiming through walls with sniper rifles and you'd be dead. Trying to make a game feel like real life is stupid, it's a game for a reason. I can't comment on any cone of vision/attack because I haven't paid attention to that, but circle strafing and running around in circles in fights is idiotic. I want moves to trip you up and stamp on your eyeballs everytime people do that, it's ridiculous.

Ps, agree about the kangaroo fps crap too.

its disingenuious to compare rl fights to cricle straffing just because you would try to time dodges to get blindside etc in rl sword fights or martial arts ..

but then you have a complete range or positional moves and counters from every angle to counter this ..

in games like this all your trying to do with circle straffe or jump around , is expose the games mechanics that stop 90% of your moves triggering becasue u just left the melee cone.

if we had the full range of moves like tekken or soul calibre etc.. with heaps of grabs and moves that execute from any position , then fair enough. but thats not the type of game we,re playing

aye thats it ,

i,ve long since accepted i cant or dont want to run around like a headless chicken trying to get a mage on a pogo stick to stay in my cone of combat long enough to get to poke them with my sword.
and it annoys me when tanks in full plate armour can bounce around like chimps on speed and not tire out , its just a mouse and keyboards competiotion then .

the only classes i think that should base combat on diving in and out or loads of fast positional blows are rogues and maybe monks ,, but theres none of them in wow.

theres a very simple way to counter strafe , moving backwards while atacking.

with some practice is very easy to do it.
I do this backwards hits all the time and is very effective counter
Btw pvp is not pve , you just cant face the other and trade blows this isnt how it suppose to work.

You simply cannot ask everyone to fight by your taste of combat style.

Id like to strafe i think it takes skill to strafe and counter it also its my privillege annoying or not , try improve your skills than aksing everyone to fight like you.

As for melee combat in general , although it much improved , it still need work in the line of fire , animation and reaction time.
Last i beleve snare needs longer timers.

Its annoying running all the time to hit someone especially when everyone shares action points and have the same flee button

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