Wednesday, June 11, 2008

White Lion Confirmed

The White Lions of Chrace carry a large woodsman's axe with them at all times, but their true strength comes from their War Lion pet. The War Lions are trained from cubs to fight side by side with their masters. Their loyalty to their elven masters knows no bounds.

The White Lion is the High Elf Melee DPS class, but is extremely unique in its design. Coordination with the pet War Lion is a major key to the White Lion's success. The War Lion can distract opponents, attack foes from the shadows, and even grab and toss an enemy towards the feet of the White Lion.

Mastery Options

Path Of the Hunter
White Lions who choose the path of the Hunter embrace the ways of the wild and fight shoulder to shoulder with their War Lion. The two stride into battle side by side in a balanced assault that is capable of spreading damage around to multiple targets with ease. This path requires the least amount of Master & Pet coordination so damage against a single foe is lessened.

Path of the Axeman
White Lions who choose this path focus on the Mastery of their fine woodsman axes, preferring instead to use their lions as distractions as they approach from the side or rear. The path of the Axeman requires good coordination with your War Lion or your group members so you can be allowed to strike from an unguarded flank.

Path of the Guardian
White Lions who choose this path focus on diverting attention from their War Lion or group members so that they can do maximum damage. The Path of the Guardian does not directly increase the White Lion's own defenses, but focuses more on reducing his opponents damage output and distracting them from the War Lion or individual group mates.

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