Sunday, July 13, 2008

Guild Alliance System Explained

Here's a quick little overview of how it works. I've never been in a guild thats had an alliance, but it's pretty much just an organizational tool for two or more guilds to coordinate attacks/defense. This eliminates the need to do that messy disbanding and reforming a new guild BS.

As far as I know, each guild still uses their own banner for their own buffs, which (zomg speculation!) could be interesting to mix and match Guild Banner buffs in battle. If any other leaker has further experience, please share. Hopefully I'll join a guild next phase and have more experience.

    What is an Alliance?
    An Alliance is basically a pact between multiple Regiments(Guilds). Like Guilds, Alliances have their own chat channel and even rosters. The roster is composed of the Member-Guild Leaders and Alliance Officers. Guild Leaders can even set rank permissions so that their entire roster can view and chat within the Alliance channel.

    These are some points about Alliances.
  • Only Guilds that are Rank 4 and higher can start or join an Alliance.

  • Only the Guild Leader can send or accept an Alliance invitation.

  • If starting an Alliance the Guild Leader who sends the first invitation names the Alliance.

  • There is no cost to create or join an Alliance.

  • Alliance Ranks
    Every member of every guild in an alliance has an Alliance Rank as well as a Guild Rank.
    Your Alliance Rank will determine whether or not you can see and or chat in Alliance Chat, /as, and Alliance Officer Chat, /aos.

    Alliance Rank promotions are done by using the "/gc apromote name" slash command. Every member of the Alliance, except the Guild Leaders, start at Level 0 automatically. There is currently no way of seeing what your Alliance Rank is in-game.

    Level 0 - Can't read or send on Alliance Chat
    Level 1 - Can read Alliance Chat
    Level 2 - Can read and send on Alliance Chat
    Level 3 - Alliance Officer. Can also read and send on Alliance Officer Chat.

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