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Disciple of Khaine Review

Introduced to the Warhammer universe as the healer class for the Dark Elves, the Disciple of Khaine weilds both sword and sorcery in an odd style of blood magic. In true Druchii spirit, they require the blood of their enemies in order to fuel their healing magic, and thus are always on the front lines of combat hacking and slashing people for the glory of the God of Murder. This odd mix of melee and healing abilities give them a surprisingly high survivability rating in the thick of combat for a healer. If you were thinking of playing a healer in WAR, but are a "get in and get dirty" type of player, this might just be the class for you.

  • Disciples of Khaine fuel their abilities through direct melee combat so there's no more sitting back and being bored healing.

  • Since they power their healing abilities through melee combat, they have a higher chance of survival when in the thick of combat

  • Disciples of Khaine are equally at home in both solo PvE and RvR play.

  • Disciples of Khaine have to get up close and personal in order to heal.
  • While this presents better opportunities for aggresive playstyle while still being a healer, you're still a healer and being smack dab in the middle of combat isn't usually the healthiest place for a healer to be.

  • Disciples have few ranged attacks compared to other healers.

  • Disciples of Khaine fuel their power through attacking. If you're not attacking anyone, then you run out of Blood points quickly and lose your healing abilities.

PvE Overview
The Disciple of Khaine fears little in PvE. Since they power their healing abilities though combat, a player who can learn how to play a Disciple early on will be able to solo Champion class foes in single combat. The only thing that can truly stop a Disciple is just sheer numbers. This is makes the Disciple of Khaine so popular as a class, since they do have a high probability for survival in most fights.

In a group, the Disciple of Khaine works best as an off tank. They do enough damage to be helpful, and should the need arise, can hold down one or two strong foes long enough for the tank to get back n the fight and start taunting away. However, with their healing abilities healing the tank as they fight side by side, that probably won't happen often.

RvR Overview
Disciples of Khaine are wicked in RvR combat. Since they do a decent amount of melee damage and can heal well during combat, it's rare that you'll find a class that can stand up to them one on one. If you get two Disciples working in tandem, that can be a sight to behold as they cut through just about anything you have to offer. On the average, it will usually take at least two people to take down a well played Disciple of Khaine.

Melee combat is your friend. If you get caught out in the open with no one to cut on and attacked at range? You're a goner. While you have 250 blood points to burn through, it does you no good if you can't replenish them. As a Disciple of Khaine, as long as you have people to cut, you'll have blood points to spend in healing and if you can keep the heals going, you can outlast even the most dedicated Melee DPS class.

Disciple of Khaine Mastery Paths
Path of Ritual: The Path of Ritual focuses on increasing your healing abilities. This will make it easier for you to heal more efficiently, incurring less overall cost for your healing abilities.

Path of Torture: This Path of Mastery focuses on causing more damage with your attacks. Of course Khaine absolutely loves this. Coupled with your already impressive healing abilities, this can be a wicked path to master for the Disciple.

Path of Sacrifice: This Path of Mastery is about debuffing your enemy into oblivion. It raises your attack power and lowers your foes abilities and skills. This causes them to visit less damage upon you and yours, thus ensuring victory for your side.

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