Monday, September 1, 2008

Elder Patch 4.1 post from the devs.

We know everyone is waiting anxiously to get back into the WAR and try out the new 4.1 patch. Our production team has been working tirelessly to fix bugs, make tweaks, add polish and put in additional features. When all is said and done, it’s an immense amount of work that's been done to the game and we are eager to have you test it. Please note: This will be an early version of this patch and it may suffer from CTD and stability issues. We would rather get you testing this as soon as possible and have some risk involved, but you should be forewarned that there may be issues. Obviously we will work hard to avoid such issues, but this is part of being Elder testers.

Some of the areas where you’ll notice changes include:

  • Careers and Classes

  • Death System

  • Guild Standards

  • Content (both PvE and RvR)

  • Guild Vaults, Taxes and Tithes

  • Scenario updates

  • Cities updates

  • Tome of Knowledge

Also, we have added two highly-anticipated new features:
  • Personal Vaults

  • Auction House

A ton of fixes have been made, and we encourage you to get into the game and beat on all of them! Use the in-game bug reports and feedback as well as the beta forums to provide us with feedback on problems you may find and how you feel about all the changes. Remember, this is an early version of the 4.1 patch that we are giving to you to test first, so that you can help us with this final phase before Open Beta. You are our elite testers, chosen to see all of this new content before the throngs of thousands bombard our servers, and so your feedback is more important now than ever before.

As soon as we are ready to go with the new patch, we will let you know so you can get into the game and start testing. Thanks to all of our beta testers. Your help and dedication has been crucial in making Warhammer Online the best game it can be and we look forward to working with you through this crucial phase, taking us one step closer to our goal.

Check here for the latest update on when 4.1 will go live.


If you patch to 4.1 you can look at the new graphics options that should be available today:

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