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Warhammer online builds: Shaman Template

Since this is going to be a DPS build, your three top stats will be:

  • Intelligence = adds to magic damage

  • Willpower = adds to healing

  • Wounds = adds to hit points

The 25 points will be placed as follows: (There will be a few extra points from RvR rewards, however we will not use them here)

15 in "Gork"
Buy the following skills in the Gork tree for one point each:
  • Leaky Brains

  • Big Waaagh

  • Da Waaagh! is coming

  • Geddoff!

  • Fists of Gork

Skills in the tree you do not buy: "Mork's Touch" and "Hurts, don't it?"

The last 5 points will be put in the healing tree "Mork". Any additional points should also be placed in "Mork", there is no reason to buy the bottom or second to the bottom skill in the tree.

80 RvR points to be placed in:

  • Acumen level 1 = 1 point

  • Acumen level 2 = 3 points

  • Acumen level 3 = 6 points

  • Acumen level 4 = 10 points

  • Acumen level 5 = 14 points

  • Resolve level 1 = 1 point

  • Resolve level 2 = 3 points

  • Resolve level 3 = 6 points

  • Sage level 1 = 2 points

  • Sage level 2 = 4 points

  • Focused Power level 1 = 5 points

  • Focused Power level 2 = 10 points

  • Focused Power level 3 = 15 points

The purpose of this build is to put out enough DPS to be a threat, however you really do not want to gimp out your healing abilities.

Here are the planned active morale skills:

  • Level 1 = Gork Sez Stop

  • Level 2 = Rampaging Siphon

  • Level 3 = Divine Protection

  • Level 4 = Fists of Gork

Slotted Tactics can be changed "on the fly", as long as you are not in combat. Since there are 5 quick slots available, I would set each set to a different use. One for PvP fight, one for PvP heal, one for PvE Group, and one for PvE solo. Here is my set for a "PvP fight":

  • Leaky Brainz

  • Run Away

  • Mork is watchin

  • Git outta here.

Build Strength:

Best possible DPS

Half decent healing power - this build has 5 points in the healing tree, at this point the current understanding is that you will receive 4 more skill points through PvP levels. That would mean a total of 9 points in the healing tree.

Amazing "Don't hit me" skills. Gork sez stop causes 300 damage every 2 seconds, if the target moves the timer is reset, which means if they keep chasing you they DIE. Run Away gives you a 25% chance per hit on you that you will get a 30% speed buff for 5 seconds. Eeeek is an insta cast enemy knockdown, although this has a 60 second cooldown, this is reduced to a 20 second cooldown due to the slotted tactic "Git outta here!"

Build Weakness:

Face it, as a healer you are the primary target of the enemy group in PvP. You have very little defense and almost no armor whatsoever. If you allow yourself to get within melee range, you will get dropped like a bad habit. Yes, this has awesome escape skills, however that will not stop three to four players from tard rushing you too make sure you die, STAY OUT OF RANGE!

Since you are a healer and this is not a maxed out heal build, you may have a few issues in very long drawn out fights.

you can see this build here

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