Thursday, September 11, 2008

Warhammer Online Exploration: How to Wall walk

In Warhammer Online, Exploring is easy but restricted. They have failed in game mechanics by allowing Wall-walking and Wall jumping.
The trick to wall jumping is Pressing 'W' before you press 'space' or jump. This is because unlike WoW Where you can move forward in air after you have jumped, if you jump without pressing forward first you cant move in air. You just jump straight up. Really wha ive fond helps is run foward at the mountain and jump sparaticlly and eventually you find yourself making your way up.
The trick to wall walking is finding a line in the wall or rock that is parallel to the ground and walk across it.

Also i would like to introduce to you the first Exploration i have found, this is called the "Dangerous Territorry" it has a trigger like Hyjal though, instant port back to where you started. But this is only the first one i have found.

Where you start!

Come out of here and turn right and look at that mountain ridge!

Start Ascending here!

Moving on up!

Woot woot!

get to here ^^!

Theres the boarder!
And you cross over, check the zone name on the mini-map and get ported back

Some more Walljumping results!
You can jump onto most mailboxes

Also most houses!

How to Jump into a cage for hiding!



Now try to get out OWNED! jk.

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