Saturday, October 11, 2008

Basic Scenario Tactics

I am never really sure the value of "winning" the respective scenarios but I try to compulsively, even at the expense of my own numbers. As a result though, I am always looking for ways to get the tactical advantage. Here are a couple things (standard fare really) that I have found effective. (T1 & T2)

1. If there are flags, be on one.
Defense = on your flag
Offense = on their flag
With a clarification that around ≠ on, that only on = on.
If you are ranged, then be at your minimum range, and when you are hurt, don't run away. Stay on the objective.

2. Be Offense or be defense or switch between. Know which one you are at each moment and then see tactic 1.

3. Don't retreat to their objective. If you are losing a fight, running to the place where they get to capture your flag, or attack the relic holder etc. is probably not the best place to die.

4. "/sc Help our flag" , "/sc flag unguarded" etc. Meaning communicate.

5. Telling the rest of your team they suck (or equivalent) never helps. And by that I mean it never helps. Never. It never helps. Ever.

6. If a healer isn't healing you, there is a reason. Asking for heals mid fray is not going to help. If you are the fc, or the rc, say so. Macro "/sc fc is dying" or the like. And yelling at healers for not healing you . . . see tacic 5.

7. Establish the running game early. Make sure you have at least some offense going after objectives. This prevents them from dedicating their entire group on offense. In Nordwatch, sending one or two to Barracks or Lighthouse respectively will pull forces from the fortress. In Phoenix, I always do a ninja flag run right off the bat, just to let them know they are going to need defense.

8. Attack healers. I don't think I have ever killed any healer outright (not including hybrids) but hitting them limits the amount they can heal their defensive target. And ironically they seem to always run away even though I am not really a threat to them.

9. Dog race. When a large opposing force is approaching an objective, I will often charge into, then through them. I am constantly amazed how often this pulls half or more of their offense with me, and I will lead them right back to where they started. If a few teammates follow, this can easily result in a capture or cap.

10. If you are part of a large offensive, don't go chasing the one guy who charges into, then through you.

I know there are many other tactics and I hope folks will add and if they like rebut. I intentionally didn't mention turtling. Even though it may be effective its kind of cheap and more than a little boring. I don't join RVR matches to avoid RVR.

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