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Warhammer online builds: Magus Template

We are going to go with a mid-range build here. Your three top stats will be:

  • Intelligence = adds to magic damage

  • Wounds = adds to hit points

  • Willpower = adds to "chance to disrupt" enemy spells

The 25 points will be placed as follows: (There will be a few extra points awarded for RvR, however we will not use them here)

15 in "Changing"
Buy the following skills in the Changing tree for one point each:
  • Seed of Chaos

  • Endless Pandemonium

  • Indigo Fire of Change

  • Wild Changing

  • Dissolving Mist

  • Daemonic Scream

Skills in the tree you do not buy: "Infernal Pain".

The last 4 points will be put in "Daemonology". Any additional points should also be placed in "Daemonology", In this tree you want to pick up the "Chaotic Attunement" skill for one point.

80 RvR points to be placed in:

  • Acumen level 1 = 1 point

  • Acumen level 2 = 3 points

  • Acumen level 3 = 6 points

  • Acumen level 4 = 10 points

  • Acumen level 5 = 14 points

  • Resolve level 1 = 1 point

  • Resolve level 2 = 3 points

  • Sage level 1 = 2 points

  • Sage level 2 = 4 points

  • Sage level 3 = 6 points

  • Focused Power level 1 = 5 points

  • Focused Power level 2 = 10 points

  • Focused Power level 3 = 15 points

This was rather a difficult build for me as I wanted to go short range, however the survivability was just not there in PvP. If I wanted long range DPS I would play a Sorc, so I took the middle road with this build.

Here are the planned active morale skills:

  • Level 1 = Mage Bolt

  • Level 2 = Roiling Winds

  • Level 3 = Scintillating Energy

  • Level 4 = Daemonic Scream

Slotted Tactics can be changed "on the fly", as long as you are not in combat. Since there are 5 quick slots available, I would change each group depending on what situation you are in. One for PvP Group, one for PvP Solo, one for PvE Group, and one for PvE solo. Here is my choice for a "PvP Group":

  • Chaotic Attunement

  • Endless Pandemonium

  • Devour Energy

  • Wild Changing

Build Strength:

Very decent PvP utility abilities

In a PvP group you will really help out here with this mid-range build, and since it is medium range, you will have a little better survival rate then a short range build. Instantly summoning pets,(Taking time to summon pets in PvP really kicks me in the butt) the knock back of Warping Blast, the 50% chance to freely instantly reapply Pandemonium, and Indigo Fire of Change(if you kill an enemy with this, they become a daemon and attack their own kind for 30 seconds) all bring quite a bit of utility to this Magus in PvP. This is not going to be as easy to play as some other classes, however the extra power and utility are worth it if you have the patience to learn the class.

Build Weakness:

It has a sharper learning curve then other classes, especially with a build like this.(You cannot just sit back and spam click two or three buttons.) You are still a paper wearing class so you CANNOT allow melee classes to close with you.

You can see this build here

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