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Warhammer online builds: Zealot Template

Since this is going to be a "virgin" Healer build, your three top stats will be:

  • Willpower = adds to healing

  • Intelligence = adds to magic damage

  • Wounds = adds to hit points

The 25 points will be placed as follows: (There will be a few extra points with RvR rewards, however we will not use them here)

15 in "Alchemy"
Buy the following skills in the Alchemy tree for one point each:

  • Tzeentch's Shielding

  • Aethyric Shock

  • Changer's Touch

  • Boon of Tzeentch

  • Ritual of Innervation

Skills in the tree you do not buy: "Manipulation" and "Chaotic Force"

The last 5 points will be put in the Witchcraft tree. Any additional points should also be placed in Witchcraft, there is no reason to buy the bottom or second to the bottom skill in the tree.

80 RvR points to be placed in:
  • Resolve level 1 = 1 point

  • Resolve level 2 = 3 points

  • Resolve level 3 = 6 points

  • Resolve level 4 = 10 points

  • Resolve level 5 = 14 points

  • Acumen level 1 = 1 point

  • Acumen level 2 = 3 points

  • Sage level 1 = 2 points

  • Sage level 2 = 4 points

  • Sage level 3 = 6 points

  • Spiritual Refinement level 1 = 5 points

  • Spiritual Refinement level 2 = 10 points

  • Spiritual Refinement level 3 = 15 points

The purpose of this build is to be the best possible group support healer possible. This does come at a price, mainly in solo PvE. Since our goal is to concentrate on end game PvP, PvE soling has to take the hit.

Here are the planned active morale skills:
  • Level 1 = Divine Favor

  • Level 2 = Eye of Sheerian

  • Level 3 = Divine Protection

  • Level 4 = Tzeentch's Shielding

Slotted Tactics can be changed "on the fly", as long as you are not in combat. Since there are 5 quick slots available, I would create each slot to a different use. One for PvP Heal, one for PvE Group, and one for PvE solo. Here is my creation for a "PvP Heal":

  • Restorative Burst

  • Discipline

  • Warped Flesh

  • Warping the Spirit

Build Strength:
Best possible healing and survivability

Best healing power you can have with a little more survivability thrown in. The only problem a healer has in PvP is running out of action points, thereby bringing the ability to heal to a crawl. This issue has been addressed with the tactics "Restorative Burst" and "Warping the Spirit". Warping the Spirit gives you 100 action points anytime the bearer of your harbinger dies. Of course to properly implement this build you need to have a harbinger on the target your group is currently focus firing upon. As soon as that target dies put a new harbinger on the next group target. In my opinion this is a little OP, so expect this to be nerfed in the future, a more balanced amount would probably be 50 action points instead of 100.

Build Weakness:
Very weak solo skills, gets worse as your level goes up.

If you are not in a PvP or PvE group, you are going to feel some pain. Soloing you will only see a minor effect in tier one, in tier two it becomes very evident and in tier three it is going to give you a hard kick in the butt. Although I feel the tradeoff is worth it, it is still going to hurt. My advice on how to remedy this is to ALWAYS be in a group, post tier two.

You can see this build here

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