Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Destruction Showing Some Weakness...

Destruction is definitely showing some signs of weakness. I understand that there is still some balance issues going on with certain classes, however I do not feel that this is the problem. At launch Destruction had a severe shortage of healers, over time this has started to correct itself, however the problem remains that, in general, Destruction PUG's seem to be less coordinated then Order.

This problem is not noticed in guild groups,(Most seem to be using voice comms anyway) however I "was" really hoping this did not spill over in tier 4. I have taken part in numerous tier 4 scenarios,(Like Tor Anroc in tier 3, only one scenario really pops in tier 4) and regardless of levels, most of the time Destruction gets smashed.

The reason I feel that this is actually a problem is due to the fact that in the lower level PvP scenarios you can see both sides having their share of victories. Here are some screenshots to show what I mean:

Here we can see that Order has five BW, and only one healer.(The healer is on the list at the bottom but cannot be seen in the screenshot) Of course you cannot have all DPS and no heals or you will lose:

Here is another case of Order only having one healer,(A lobie healer at that) even though Order has a decent level advantage, they still lose:

Order also has their victories:(Destruction had them out leveled, but again weak healing)

Rare, but not impossible, is still the awesome shutout: (Notice that here Destruction actually had two decent, dedicated, healers)

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