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Warhammer online Bot Reviews

Many of you all don't know me, and thats how its going to be.

Im a professional botter, i have one of my own (not warhammer), thats enough to be said.

Anyway, i have used all 3 bots
-WarEdge Bot
-MMO Viper


Lets start with:
-Cost: $29.95
-Refund available within 2 weeks
-Url: MacroGoblin

  • It gets its pathing just like all of the bots really, your ol' xyz, etc.

  • Easy to customize, not the easiest to set up, but you have a 2 week trial. After a week you should be a pro with it.

  • Once you pay, you get immediate access, just proceed back to the forums and download your software.

  • There is many users there, so there is a lot of file sharing, from pathing to classes.

  • Loots like how glider does, does the mouse scan, you can edit how wide or tall it will scan. Sometimes misses if on a hill or slope.

  • You can set the turning speed of your character too, as well how many loops it will stop or deaths. Also the options to rest for health & action points.

  • Recording is easy, just press Num:+ on your keyboard for each waypoint, or download a path from the forums.

  • There is RvR bot, works very great.

  • Fighting is customizable and you do not need to worry about adding the 1.5 second gcd because its built in.

  • The bot uses your Log files to get information on when you died and other things.

  • Add your combat attacks & spells, set the casting time, ranges, durations//cooldowns, set which key(s) to press

  • Do the same with heals, potions & buffs.

  • Can do morale attacks

  • You can edit the fighting style, from having the bot using the way you ranked your spells to use or spamming them based on availability.

  • Easy to manage GUI

  • Undetectable options is based off you changing Window Name & Process name, not the best. But PunkBuster can't really do much since you can just end your process or uninstall it.

  • With your purchase you get access to their AoC Bot, Lotro Bot, and of course MacroGoblin which you can make your own bots//macros with. It is easy for the most part.

  • Support seems to be always on, you usually get a reply to your post within 5 minutes max (unless he is sleeping or unless no one is on.) The community is very nice and no one bitches.

  • It doesn't do background mode which is why i settle for an 8//8.5 , i like to use my computer when im on and it seems to randomly crash or i get logged off over night, this might just be me.

Overall rating: 8.5/10 : High score because of the support, it getting the job done, patches are done really fast, updates for the memory reading & such done through the program as well. It is hard to give a bot at this time a 10, but there is only around 3 at the time so i will settle for 8.5, i still wish i haven't got a refund sometimes, but hey I like to use my computer too.

waredge bot
-Cost: About $40 USD
-Refund available within 48 hours (apparently)

  • It gets its pathing just like all of the bots really, your ol' xyz, etc.

  • Easy to set your cast time, since the gui is in the game. You must include the GCD in the cast time.

  • Only way to edit your paths is to go to your warhammer folder where it saves the txt files for your config and path and to take it out or save it elsewhere for later use.

  • Once you pay, you have to wait for them to manually promote you so you can access all the good stuff, can sometimes take 2-4 days (rare)

  • The WarBot is fairly new, and most people seem to be from Europe & such so its deserted most of the time.

  • Recording is easy, just press the button on your numpad to start recording then run your path, then press num* again to stop recording.

  • There is NO RvR bot//attachment//integration YET.

  • Fighting is just based off of spamming all your keys on which you set a cast time on.

  • on looting it will tilt the camera down and zoom all the way in and seems to run a bit close to the killed mob, but then teleports the corpse to you. Handy, but not sure if its the safest, but of course not noticeable to others.

  • Press HOME and just put in cast time for each bars your using, and you can only have 2 heal spots (9 & 0)

  • Does not use potions yet.

  • Can not do morale attacks unless you are to change the keybinding.

  • Easy to use GUI, its all in game.

  • Undetectable options is so far the best out, the gui is in warhammer and there is no external application running exactly.

  • Support is only during certain times, not online most of the time, your problem will probably be answered next day though.

  • It doesn't do background mode, it has to press the keys.

With your purchase you get access to their AoC Bot, aoc hacks, wartools hacks (which got me banned), warhammer teleporter, and abunch of other hacks for other games (tabula rasa), the WarTools does not have the most of use right now but im sure someone is more creative then me.

Overall rating: 5/10 : There was a lot of things it was described as but it is not all there, there is no special AI from what i can tell. It will only start fighting on from the waypoint & on based on the one you tell it. It doesn't always pick up the enemy, so far its pretty much crap.

Now for MMOViper's War bot
-Cost: Free (Beta)
-Url: MMOViper

  • It gets its pathing just like all of the bots really, your ol' xyz, etc.

  • Set your cast time while adding the spells, once you add spells you cannot edit them.

  • Capturing your pathing is pretty easy, you can either do it manually, or do auto add(will plot every few spots while you run). Can choose line or circle path. Can set a return path to an attack path.

  • Free beta, so your helping them more then they're helping you. But they have to start somewhere, with that being said they should of put more work into the help file instead of leaving you with their Lotro bot Helpfile.

  • The bot is slow at sometimes, you have to set which mobs to attack by adding their name.

  • There is NO RvR bot//attachment//integration YET.

  • Fighting is based on your the type of attack & when it can be used, there is also ranks.

  • on looting it will scan kinda like wargoblin, but will do it from top to bottom to right to top to right to bottom. Kinda slow.

  • Once you add your attack//spell into the bot you can not edit it. You set the key it will use.

  • Can not do morale attacks unless you are to change the keybinding.

  • Hard to manage GUI, their gui is the same for all of their bots..

  • No undetectable options, just sits there as MMOViper.

  • I do not know about their support, but im assuming they will be helping you out alot since they wan't to get their bot for sell asap.

  • It doesn't do background mode, it has to press the keys.

Overall rating: 2/10 : The bot is very slow, unresponsive at some times, does not always fight properly, the GUI is a bitch. Editing your settings is not the easiest, but there is a lot of customization, but with vague terms so your not sure what it might really mean. The help file is just based off their LotroViper, which just goes to show even more that their GUI is the same for all their bots.

If you are really looking to bot at this time, your best bet would be wargoblin, so far wargoblin has been out longer which has to do with one of the reasons its the best so its more stable. But you can always do abunch of stuff with their stuff, their software macrogoblin isn't made to just automate mmo's but you can do other things too with it. Might be a good investment. Big Community, about 40-50 users online at a time.

The waredge bot has only came out no more then 4 days ago or so, its not that good, and so far it does not detect objects like it says. But if your going to purchase wartools you get access to the bot and all their other programs, there is not the best guides, and the community seems to be composed of 15 active users per day. Not exactly worth the money, since you can't really get much advantage with wartools besides getting banned. The teleporter can be handy, but the speedhack blatantly tells everyone ur hacking.

I don't know much about MMOViper, but i used their software, the gui is the same for each of their programs, if you are to purchase any of their software you have to buy a subscription for each bot. Their war radar is free, i haven't used it though. The access is instant though which is a plus, but their bot still has a long ways to go, but i think they might be a bit ahead of war edge bot. As said, theirs is beta.

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