Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Use level 40 Sorc buffs on low level groupmate in RvR areas.

I discovered this last night while trying a few things out using multi accounts.

I am sure this could be applied with other classes as well, but this is only going to cover a level 40 Sorc grouping with a level 10 of any other class.

Group both characters while NOT flagged for RvR. (in the warcamp is good).

Cast both Sorc buffs (one deals damage to attacker when they hit you, the other deals extra damage when you hit others).

The 40 Sorc and the lower level character will both have the buffs, they last 60 minutes or till death.

Now, the game will disable these buffs on a lower level character if the Sorc is ALIVE, but if the level 40 Sorc is DEAD, then the full damage of the buffs will apply to the lower level character.

How you get this to work is the following way.

1) Buff up both characters in the Warcamp that you plan on fighting at with the lower level character (make sure neither is flagged).

2) Get the level 40 Sorc killed, but do NOT release. Leave him laying on the ground for the full 5 minutes. (while the Sorc is DEAD, the buffs will have full level 40 effect on the lower level character).

3) While the Sorc is dead, you have 5 minutes to run around on the low level character and RAPE anyone you come across. The biggest effect for this exploit is in tier 1, because of the shear damage these buffs dish out.

4) When the Sorc's res timer auto resses, then stop RvRing with the lower level character and go get the Sorc killed off again. (you can jump off ledges or run into enemy warcamp to get killed by guards, easy way)

5) If your lower level character dies, they will need to be rebuffed, so just release both your Sorc and the lower level character and both will appear at the warcamp together, unflagged. Just recast both buffs and repeat steps.

Enjoy the rape.

These buffs do the following damage.

If you get hit, you deal 200 damage back to attacker.
If you hit others, you deal anywhere from 180-300 damage additional.

In tier 1, most players only have 1000-1500 HP at level 10 or 11. So if you use these buffs you can slaughter full groups by yourself.

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