Friday, May 15, 2009

Warhammer online cheat: Black Orc: infinite block + dmg

When pulling multiple mobs (4+), you can use the ability Can't Hit Me only pausing to reactivate it every 10 seconds.

First, use Da Biggest warbellow. Next, equip the tactic "Stop Hittin' Da Runts". Now, use "Can't Hit me".

While the mobs hit you, you will block almost every hit. Everytime you block, you deal damage back to your attacker. With that damage you also get a 25% chance to activate "Da Biggest." Everytime that happens, you will get action points from "Stop Hittin' Da Runts."

"Da Biggest" procs enough that you will never run out of action points, and since you're blocking almost every hit, you're not taking very much damage either.

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