Monday, November 29, 2010

Community Spotlight - WAR Blogger Roll Call!


With all of the excitement surrounding Game Update 1.3.4 the WAR Blogging Community has been a-Twitter (ba-dum-pah) talking about all of the changes. The Mythic Community team wanted to take a moment to recognize some of our veteran bloggers and to welcome some new faces to the crowd!

Everyone's favorite Blogging/Jogging Dwarf, Gaarawarr, has been hard at work churning out guides for the all new Weekend Warfronts and most recently has posted a stunning visual guide for the top tier Sovereign Armor sets!Werit has been hard at work, filming away and keeping everyone up to date on what's happening in WAR each week with his News From the Front!ShadowWAR's Andrew is happy to see many new and returning players on the field of battle. He has also joined the ranks of our blogging community who posts some awesome Videos from our PTS events!Bootae brings us his across-the-pond perspective on naked city sieges and why he feels like there are too many city sieges happening on the EU Server Karak Norn. Not to worry Bootae, 1.3.5 is on the way and it will change the way we look at cities forever.Good Ole Grimnir, at times one of our most critical bloggers, waxes philisophical about the middle tier game experience as he ponders the impact of zones like the Land of the Dead on Tiers 2 and 3. Mykiel is, well Mykiel, with his off the charts live streaming schedule and more "mature themed" podcast. While he definitely isn't kiddie appropriate, those of you looking for a more rough edges community experience will get a kick out of Mike's commentary each week.As for new faces in the WAR blogging community, well, we've got quite a list!
Tyanon over at backseatdev has stepped up to the plate and is swinging for the fences with his thoughts on the all new RvR Insignia Currency.Keagen is on vacation this week, but is blogging from the perspective of a Magus and giving some great advice on how to gear up your disk dwelling denzien of Chaos!i heart Gorfang's Arisechicken is forming spontaneous lines all over The Inevitable City while still making time to show off their adorable Nurgling! Blog the Witch has a completely healthy obsession with all things Witch Elf. Of course we're talking about Career evaluation! What did you think we were talking about???Talk about a blog roll!

Are you a new WAR Blogger? Be sure to keep your eyes on the forums and the Herald for all new blogger features and opportunities in the coming weeks!

Thanks to the WAR Blogging community for continuing to provide your fellow players with great content every week!

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