Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Warhammer Version 1.4.3 Going Live Soon

The latest update for Warhammer Online is set to go live in about 13 hrs from now, at 8:00 am EST tomorrow. Version 1.4.3 is a pretty small update, with the biggest change being the new two-week long live event Sigmartide, which honors its first Emperor and man-turned-God, Sigmar.

A new group of RvR accessory sets will also be available to players. The new set is designed to fit in with the high-end armor sets, but they are only temporary items that last 9 days. The new update will also give WAR players the opportunity to change their characters name through the EA store by purchasing Name Change Token codes.

Of course the Scenarios are being reorder. No new scenarios are being introduces in version 1.4.3, but some old ones are returning, some are retiring and others are shifting tiers. For full details, check the official Warhammer Online site.

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