Thursday, September 25, 2008

Warhammer online Exploit: Mourkain temple - afk/dps unseen

Mourkain temple is without doubt the best lvling pvp spot for the 11-21 grind.

If you want to afk unseen and use an afk bot this is great because when people look on map you look like your in battle or at very least running to the fight ( unless they stare at map whole game).

The coolest thing about this is you can dps enemy players and they cannot even see you lol. That way you wont be flagged for no dmg at end or hell just go with a caster and pwn people.

Go to this tree on the destruction side and jump around the roots where the arrow is duh, sometimes you end up in the tree just keep jumping around and you fall in water.

Swim around the edge you can see that you are now under the terrain

This is the best spot to go to, you will get rp/exp even when fights on the order side .

LOL fight right above me you can see an order dude, i can throw my weapon at him and for some wierd reason I have a tier 2 morale ability ready even though I have not been hit and I just threw my axe like 10 times wtf?

Another shot of fight above me

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