Monday, October 20, 2008

Warhammer online guide: Do not underestimate healers!

Do not underestimate healers I know they just got a nerf to their experience both in PvP and renown, however it is still well worth it. A single healer can make easily make the difference between a win and a loss in a PvP scenario. Following are two screenshots of what you can achieve as a healer:

On this first one you can see me as a LEVEL FOUR, owning everything! As you can see there is a level 10 healer, as well as a level 9 healer, that did not even come close to me. Of course the question is how? Well probably the first reason is that most players do not understand how to play a virgin healer.(A virgin healer is a healer that heals/buffs ONLY and does not DPS the vast majority of the time) The second reason is because a lot of people that play a healer try to DPS.(Which actually hurts their team most of the time) While I cannot tell you how to play your toon, I can show you how to top out on the boards in both healing power and experience.

What I do is very simple, go ahead and make a key that you can easily access on your keyboard and bind it to "Target Next Friend". Now anytime you have a few seconds simple tap through your friendly targets and any that are damaged give them your largest insta HOT.(HOT = Heal Over Time) Sometimes you will see a target down below 50% - 75% of their health, when this happens I use additional healing abilities or a shield on them.

In this second one I did try to DPS a little and literally got waxed by a 29 Zealot. He did over 100,000 healing, received about 6k experience more then me and also about 600 more renown. When you enter a PvP scenario, you need to decide what role you are going to play BEFORE first contact is made. Try to DPS and heal and you are going to gimp yourself and your team.

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