Friday, October 31, 2008

Warhammer tips and tricks: flying bug, hiding the flag in pg and single healer out heals the dps of three nukers

There is a bug that is very rare but when it does hit it is always fatal. It usually happens upon leaving a PvP scenario, as you can see here...

You just start floating higher, and higher! Eventually though, what goes up, must come down. You can even enter another PvP scenario, if one pops real quick, however when you get out you will still be bugged until you die.

Hiding The Flag In PG (Destruction)
In Phoenix Gate, there is a little trick you can use to stealth the flag so Order cannot see it. It is rather simple really, just go behind your little keeps tower, as you can see in the screenshot the Order cannot see the flag because the tower blocks it out. This is not an exploit as the Order can simply come to your location. It is not foolproof as I have been caught there a few times by a Witch Hunter, but that is very rare.

single healer out heals the dps of three nukers
There scenario really surprised me, look closely at the top three nukers.(A level 30 and two level 29's) All their damage combined was mitigated by one level 28 Zealot. Obviously full heal spec'ed and a decent player.

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