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Dwarf Slayer Class Review

In Dwarven culture there are three things they prize above all else. Wealth, age, and honor. Wealth can be attained fairly quickly. Age comes irregardless of any other factor. Honor however, that's another thing entirely. Honor is hard earned, but can be lost in the blink of an eye. For a Dwarf who has lost his honor, there are few paths they can take and the Oath of the Slayer is the most severe. For a Dwarf to take the Oath of the Slayer means that they've realized that the only way to atone for their shame is death. However, since suicide of any kind in the Dwarven culture is unthinkable and considered cowardly, they must choose another way. To take the Oath of the Slayer means that you will go forth and seek out death through glorious and honorable combat. To this end, Slayers will always seek the biggest, most powerful foe in any battle and head straight to them, fighting with all the ferociousness and skill at their disposal.

Being bare-chested with little armor and jumping headfirst into any fight with only his weapons to bear, the Slayer hopes for death by combat. Unfortunately for them, Slayers tend to be above average combatants and their skill grows with each monster or foe slain, so death is hard to find. You can always tell a Slayer because they shave their hair into mohawks, which they stick straight up with pig grease, and dye it a bright shade of red, and never wear chest armor.

  • Does massive damage in a short amount of time

  • Damage increases as "Berserk" meter fills up

  • Lots of AoE attacks means more damage to more foes in a wider range in a shorter amount of time.

  • Vulnerable to ranged attacks

  • Drastically loses damage mitigation if "Berserk" meter goes over 75%

PvE Overview
As a Slayer, you control your own destiny in the world of PvE. With the massive damage you put out, there are few things that can stand in your way and because you kill quickly. However, while PvE is a picnic for you, that picnic can be rained out pretty fast is you don't keep tabs on your "Berserk" meter. Once you go over 75%, you begin to lose a serious amount of armor and the ability to mitigate damage. Against a single PvE foe below Champion status, this really isn't a big deal. For multiple foes or Champion or above class foes, this can be a killer. Work in one of your rage draining abilities every fourth or fifth attack and you should be fine.

RvR Overview
In RvR combat, the Slayer is a dervish of destruction. Your high DPS output makes you someone the Destruction forces must keep an eye on. With your AoE attacks, you can build into the 25%-75% range on your "Berserk" meter quickly and do maximum damage to several foes with no loss of damage mitigation. However, your rage builds quickly from attacks and being attacked, and once you go over 75%, you're now ripe for the picking even though you're doing maximum damage. Remember to balance your attack with a few of the rage draining abilities at your disposal as they do more damage with your "Berserk" meter built up.

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