Monday, March 9, 2009

Warhammer online: Engineer - Being a jerk

Engineers get a bad rep in the game, because the only successful way to play one is by being a cheap. I'll try and fill you in on the good stuff.

  • Magnet pull. It doesn't pull though doors anymore, but you can piss off a lot of people still by just dropping it in the area of a few Pyros Mages.

  • Turret shoots through walls

  • Grenades have their own line of sight once they hit their target, so you can damage people around corners by hitting their pals standing next to them who are not hiding.

  • Napalm burns for 30 seconds whether you are dead or not. This means your entire WB could be wiped at a BO in the last 20 seconds before capping, and you shoot off a napalm. They will have to watch helplessly as the BO caps to order while their whole team was sitting on the BO. (Warning doing this means you will become a main target during open RvR).

Being an engineer is hard, and you don't deal a lot of damage (compared to some of the other classes), but you will piss off a lot of players.

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